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So here's the downlow, i was dating this gal that lived about 2 hours away. It was definately a fun relationship and all but in ended up with me breaking things off. After not really hearing from hear I happened to see her around town, usually where me and friends hang out, where we usually grab bites to eat(its a small town not very many options in that book) so after seeing her around a couple times she texted me to see how i was doin all that jazz. After talking to her for a little while it resulted in her wanting to go back out i hand my reasons and said no. She got fairly upset and we stopped talking again. After another month or so i started seeing her around town again find out she's working in one of the departments that im over she moved here and keeps driving past my house and keeps trying to get transfered into my office, i keep denying the request. Would it be bad to just terminate her employment? What do i do? She's extremly difficult to talk to cause i swear she only wants to get back together and that's all she wants to talk about.
Talk to a higher-up about it. And make sure that she knows that there is no possibility of getting back with you if she gets transferred in.
confront her.
I suspect there's more to this than meets the eye.
I agree with MikeRich, but from what you said, just talk it out. Sometimes all it takes is one honest conversation to keep this situation from escalating.
i need help with relationship pls
You should consider working on developing interests and hobbies that make you feel good about yourself.
why that
Because looking to others for fulfillment is not going to work.
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