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Okay, so, theres this boy at my school, and I have liked him for over a year. And I mean REALLY liked him, not just a stupid girly crush. So we never talk because we are both shy, except on social media sites, and then we talk like we've known each other our whole lives. I mean he even knows all my secrets! And I trust him with everything and hes never told anyone anything that I wanted to keep secret. So more recently over my 6 week holidays that are currently taking place we've taken a step up, and we have started to call each other on the phone, (ussually at midnight so our parents don't find out) and we both admitted to liking each other. But we still dont talk at school...
So I wanna know, when schools back on, should I ask him out, wait for him to ask me OR should I talk to him more often even though we REALLY like each other???
I think you should talk to him a bit more face to face before you try anything, but he must like you to some extent to talk so much with you.

But, after a while you should definitely ask him out or at least tell him you like him rather than sitting back and waiting for possibly nothing to happen.

But word of advice, keeping these things from your parents never works. Believe me, they will think the worst if they find out you've been talking to a guy after midnight and if you do it so often. Maybe just subtly tell them that you're good friends with this guy.
My sister told them I liked him but they no nothing else.
So you think I should make the first move and talk to him more? I think thats a good idea I just wasnt sure...
Yeah, I don't see why you shouldn't. Really, the worst thing that could happen would he would say no or he only likes you as a friend, which would result in a little bit of awkwardness for a few days but you will still be mates.
'Stupid girly crush'?
You know like a stupid little crush some girls have because a boy is cute or stuff.
I don't think crushes are stupid. Depending on the person, some actions, brought on by crushes are a little stupid .
Ok, I want to give you some advice coming from a guy. We guys, especially if we are shy, tend to want to wait until the other person asks us out, because we are afraid they might say no, even if they are more then likely to say yes.

My advice to you is to just talk to him more face to face, which will raise his confidence, and he might ask you out, If not, It just means he is waiting for you to ask. I can tell you from experience that there is nothing worse than having both people just wait for the other person, because if it stays that way, no one is ever going to say anything. So just try to start a casual conversation with him next time you see him. Good luck!

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