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I've had a couple of conversations with some friendly strangers about this, and I'd like to know what the general public's opinions are.

What are your insight's on BDSM? Is anyone here a submissive (I ask because I am realize I am)? What are your BDSM experiences like?
A whatie?
If you're into you're into it. I'm not submissive, or dominating. As far as I know. Doesn't appeal to me.
That was a fairly non-specific question.
I can be a little dom-y, but I generally identify more with the concepts of sadism/masochism than dom/sub. I also don't consider myself part of the BDSM community-- I'm not super into the general accoutrements of BDSM-- rope, handcuffs, leather, gimp masks, chasity belts, whathaveyou. I am mildly into whips though-- whipping and being whipped. I also like pain, specifically being cut or burned. Knifeplay and waxplay are up my alley. Gunplay might be, but I am terrified of it. Not sure if the danger would excite me or freak me out. I will cut or be cut, don't really care, but I'd prefer to be burned rather than burn someone, and in a gun situation, I'd prefer to control the gun. I don't like being tied up, don't like tying others up. I have no interest in the incapacitation of the other party or myself. I'm in a long term relationship however where we don't really do any of this presently.
I am dominant, without a doubt.
The idea of all of that stuff just terrifies the fuck out of me.
I'll send Chris Evans over to tie you up. He can even wear his Captain America outfit.
Can you do that for all of us?
Hey I was one of those friendly strangers!!
I'll send Chris Evans over to tie you up. He can even wear his Captain America outfit.

I would do things to that man that are illegal in every country. I would completely destroy him sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally...mmmmph. I would leave no stone unturned for him.
I'm not really on that scene at all but I would say that if I were in that situation I'd probably be submissive (cos I'm so bossy and dominant in regular life).
nips has the right idea
Chris Evans is literally the only one in the world I would consider this with.
I wonder what chris evans thinks of this idea
It probably makes his dick rock hard.
I'm pretty sexy, so I'm sure he's DTF.
well if your half as sexy as your profile picture I'm sure he will be
No one can even come close to that sexiness but I do okay.
Quite. You're simply dashing.
BDSM would feel too contrived nowdays. It's like someone else telling you how to have exciting sex. It might have been exciting and edgy about thirty years ago, but now you can get BDSM gear on any street corner, complete with instruction manual. It's gone from being an exciting, almost cult-like activity spoken about in whispers where you need a password to get into someone's dungeon, to this sort of fake "be edgy and dangerous in three easy steps: here's how!".

For me, there'd be nothing exciting about my partner tying me up, because I know they'd never hurt me. I'd just be lying there thinking "yep, I'm tied up, I get it". And my partner wouldn't know what they were supposed to be doing, they'd probably just tie me up and then go and make a sandwich and start vaccing up, to annoy me and mock the whole situation.

I think it'd be more exciting if you ascertained that your partner/friend was into it, and then arranged for them to be kidnapped by strangers and tied up in the back of a van, then they'd really feel dominated and helpless.
I agree
I would not want strangers to tie me up. That would be absolutely terrifying.
You can't guarantee what someone will do if they get the chance tie you up.
Some people get off on the feeling of being controlled and/or taking control. Obviously it's not everyone's thing, I can see how it'd be unexciting for some.