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Give up your secret/not-so-secret celebrity crushes. My crushes are as follows:

  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Katy Perry
  • for a brief period Taylor Swift
  • Rosie Huntington-Whitely
  • Emma Watson
... and more

My man-crushes go as the following:

  • Johnny Depp in The Secret Window
  • David Beckham
  • Chris Evans
Do I even need to say it
Not really.

Oh I should add him to my man crushes.
Nikola Tesla is my man crush.
Chris Evans is the love of my life, we are going to get married and live happily ever after
But until then I will furiously stalk and ladyfap to him on the internet
I mean not ladyfap.

Also Dan Auerbach.
Katy Perry. Iunno man. After that dream...

Inb4 wet dream jokes

I love cuddling. I had a dream that I was cuddling with Katy Perry. It was odd. No sexy times or anything. Just snuggling.

Well... I did use her boobs as a pillow, but that's not too sexual.
Robert Pattinson is my dream crush.
I never thought I say this, years ago, but reading about his absolute disdain for the books and his own character back in the day coupled with the fact of how fucking classy the man's sense of humor is... I find myself liking him as an actor and as a person.
Nikola Tesla is my man crush.
I have a fantasy where Tesla walks in the room, having secretly cheated death all these years and says, "Who wants a mustache ride?" sadly, I wouldn't take him up on it. I just really want him to say it.
My grandfather looked just like Tesla when he was young. It makes me feel... Holy... Haha.
You've heard of Tesla's white pigeon I presume?
I'm reading about it right now. Oh my goodness! Mark Twain was Tesla's friend? Fuck. Yes. He is my all time favorite author of all time with Jane Austen making a close second and Tolkien being third. Martin is probably fourth on the list.
Ya, there is a great picture in existence with Twain and Tesla standing in front of the Tesla Coil.
I am going to acquire it, frame it, and hang it both in my home and one day in my office whatever kind office it turns out to be. Those are two of the greatest, wisest men who have ever set foot in this mortal plane.

I always thought Edison was a prick, and theoatmeal only confirmed my suspicions.
Hipstering before hipsters were mainstream. This was 2004, man. He is the original hipster.
That was from the movie Secret Window (or something like that) excellent movie, and an excellent performance by that one guy from O Brother Where Art Thou too, hehe.
Secret Window was fucking strange.
I liked it, but then, I like most revenge flicks and psychological thrillers, so yeah.
Kunal Kapoor. SOO AMAZING!

Sam Claflin. <3

Alex Pettyfer. Damn baby...

There are so many more.
Nips said:
Secret Window was fucking strangeawesome.
Strange != awesome. It was more like, sort of trippy but I had guessed the outcome from the first few scenes.
This woman.
I can't really say that I crush on celebrities, but what comes closest to it is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
JGL is one classy son of a bitch.
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