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XD thanks guys for the support. We're doing very well and I just plan on taking it slow at first.
I wound up in a similar albeit more complicated situation recently
I became someone's girlfriend without realising it a few days ago. The word 'dating' can mean a lot of things.
Sir Grayself, I would love to give you some advice on your situation if you need it. I like to help people and would gladly help you.

Liv, it would pertinent to talk about your "significant others" meaning of dating before getting into such a relationship. I know you know this already, just restating. I would, as always, recommend talking to the person about how you feel. This is, like, the 1# thing that causes trouble in relationships, poor communication. So try your best!
I don't mean to be rude, but the complication is that I have a five year old daughter, and have only recently split with her mother. It's not really the kind of problem I can get help for online.
Mmm true, just wanted to stick that out there if it was option. I wish you luckk, though.
you know this already

I do, yeah. Sorry, man, I wasn't actually asking for advice, just felt like expressing it.

Obviously, we have since talked about it in person. By a lake and it was all very romantic and nice. Last night I was cackling with him in the middle of a park, drunk and brandishing a light up sword. Is good.
Liv said:
Obviously, we have since talked about it in person. By a lake and it was all very romantic and nice. Last night I was cackling with him in the middle of a park, drunk and brandishing a light up sword. Is good.

Aw that's great to hear... or read >.>. It's nice to READ about others being successful in an area of their lives from your own help :333 I hope you have great times in the future!
I think my hoodie is no longer mine, seems like a good sign
Good job Grayseff.

I'm still in a LDR but we're already planning our first real life date. It's a really happy thing to discuss.
Well, I think I'll try replying directly to the questions OP put forth at the very start of this thread, since I don't think that I have done that and I'm feeling it right now.
What kind of a romantic, or lack thereof, relationship are you in right now?
What do you like about it? What don't you like? What do you think about the two of you?
Still with boyfriendo whom I met through Tinder almost 3 years ago. My first ever relationship, actually, and I think it's going well.

I like, of course, the physical closeness - hugs in abundance, the habit of read-mode -> spoon-mode -> sleep mode in the evenings, curling up under a blanket and watching TV together. I like the quality time we spend together - playing board-games, taking a bath, casually stalking the new neighbours on Facebook, or sometimes even just solving some math problem that we formulate from some discussion. I absolutely love that he likes to cook - I almost dread cooking alone, but together it's all good. I immensely enjoy coming home to him after a long day, or having him come home to me when he's had a long day. I like that together we make an effort to take the high-road when it comes to every-day matters.

I don't like the realisation that I've become less independent, which hits me on weekends like this one, when he's visiting his parents and I sleep alone in our bed. When I'm the only one in our apartment. It feels like the time when I first moved to an apartment of my own. There's this little worry when you lie there in the dark while trying to fall asleep. A fear of all sorts of things not necessary to fear when you're not alone. But it's a small price to pay, I think, for all the good stuff. I am a strong, independent woman who don't need no man. That is not to say that I don't want one, and I quite like the one I've found. Being slightly less independent is no matter.

About the two of us I think... I hope we grow closer as time passes and not apart as so often seems to be the case. I, for one, intend to put in the best of my efforts to make sure this relationship lasts as I am fond of boyfriendo and what we have together.
A few months back my SO and I hit a rocky spell. We had some issues we had to work through: namely, after a lot of thought, I decided I wasn't okay with having a surrogate as a compromise for having kids. I had kinda convinced myself of it, but parenting hasn't ever been for me. I also felt like I was his therapist, essentially, for his issues with his family and with the abuse he dealt with growing up. There were also some problems where I felt like I was being invalidated, like I had to compromise on things I liked or felt strongly about because of his views.

It was to the point that I nearly broke up with him. However, I wanted to give it a shot still, so we found a therapist for him to go to so he could talk about these things with a professional and take this burden off me.

I'm glad to say that this worked really, really well. He put his heart and soul into working with his therapist, and has made some truly amazing progress. Therapy is magical when you really put in the work. We have plans for dealing with his family, he has his anxiety under control, and we've agreed on our life direction overall. We worked through all this, and I feel really really good about our future together now.

So good, in fact, we're now engaged.
Bling bling.

That is a beautiful ring @Zia
Thank you both! :)
Np. I wish I had a ring that beautiful, but me and my fiancee are poor asf.
It honestly wasn't nearly as expensive as you might expect. The diamond looks a LOT bigger than it is since I have really small hands... We had it sized down to 3.5 in that picture, and I think I might have to have it taken down to a 3. Standard ring size is 7, I think?
Still pretty though. Congratulations btw. I forgot to say that.
Thanks so much! :)
Of course
That's really awesome. I really wish I could afford therapy. It's so expensive
i feel pretty okay, i ate alot today and its only 10:32
(2 chocolate donuts, fruit, m&ms, and hot chocolate)

so i am disappointed a bit by my self but thats ok
Just don't eat so many sweets throughout the rest of the day, and you should be fine.
Unless you're talking about just food in general, in which, yeah, that's a rather large snack, but it's not too too bad. At least you aren't hungry anymore, right?
How do I meet other gays without having to join some gay ass gay group at a university? I currently live in a very small town and go to a pharmacy school there which is about a 15 minute drive from the university it’s affiliated with. Also there are only 84 people in my class if that helps put in perspective how limited things are. Also it’s a very conservative town. Do they do mail order brides but for gays instead? And no, do not try to make me stop saying “gays”.
halp I have senioritis
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