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Prepare for a super long story, I just need some help understanding what's going on.

So yesterday was homecoming. Since I'm in marching band, I was busy pretty much all day. I was having super strong feelings for someone in my section. I'll call him A. I thought that the crush was finally starting to die out and I could get back to focusing on the show, but then yesterday happened. As soon as the band met up together, I hung out in the back with the rest of my section as we got into uniform, and relaxed a little bit. Well as soon as A and i were left to ourselves for a couple minutes, we got each other zipped up (our uniforms zip from the back) and he had a tie on before hand, so he put it on me and said I should keep it until the dance that night.

Well later after the parade, the section all piled into my car, and stopped at a convenience store to waste some dead time, and A and I decided to go into the Halloween aisle. Well I found a set of plastic shackles, so I was messing around and I told him we could chain him up. Well he said "alright, we're getting kinky now" and then winked at me. Well I figured he was just messing around right back, so I said "not here in the middle of the store! At least wait until we're back at my place" and then we were finally done there.

After that we stopped at my house (complete coincidence, I needed to pick something up) so all four of the guys followed me in since they didn't want to wait in the car. Since they're all super nosey, they followed me into my room, so I made them all get out, then A, on his way out said "damn, we forgot the chains but we're back at your place. Guess we have you use a scarf and tied me up by surprise before getting out. Then after I got everything together, my mom showed up, and the other three guys were dead silent, but he started making conversation with her and turned into one of the mst respectable guys to ever meet my mom.

Then as we returned to the school, we decided to have a jam session in the man-van (another guy in the section's van) and two were up front, the middle seats were out, and three of us sat in the back, me in the middle, and I'm sure you know who was next to me. We were both trying to creep out the freshman on the other side of me, so A put his arm around my shoulder in order to get to the freshman, but after we stopped, he just adjusted hs arm to rest around my shoulders, and he seemed to be gradually pulling me closer. Since the music was so loud we were constantly getting super close to hear each other. There was even a point where we kind of froze in one of those eye locked moments that is just full of tension to want to lean forward and kiss each other. And the look in his eyes read to be super happy and nervous at the same time. Then as we snapped out of it, one of the other guys in the van from up front pointed out how hs arm was around me and he was "soooooo, what's going on back there?" and I couldn't be happier that the freshman ended up hurting himself to the point of squeaking, because it changed the subject and we finally got to laugh really hard together again.
I've had so many marching band crushes over the years... Also, this is my 14th straight year of marching band.
I'm not sure what advice you are looking for, but I can say with surety that something about marching band lends itself to becoming emotionally attached to other band members. Band members seem to couple up more than any other group of people.

I say talk to him about it. That's the best thing you can do in almost all situations: communication.
I'm a freshman in Marching Band, and I'm so glad they are all ugly and upperclassmen, so I can just ogle at the shirtless cross country guys.
Still dating my marching band crush two years later. Fun stuff.
My first marching band crush dated one of the cheerleaders all through high school. I really just wanted to run my fingers through his hair, it looked so soft.
:D this all sounds so exciting! but i'm gonna have to disagree with the person that told you to 'communicate' this with him. I'm assuming this is a high school marching band, and taking this high school guy off to the side to have a lengthy discussion on feelings might weird him out and cause you to get hurt. A safer bet, being that he's in your section, is to invite him over to practice or, if that isn't something you'd do together, to get some ice cream or look at Halloween costumes. It'd actually be safest if you invited him to come along with some other people as well, as it tends to leave guys looser and more ready to talk and have fun. (Case in point: your experience with the section!)
On another note, I am also in marching band and I was just randomly wondering, do they make your drum lines work out too? ;) because...ours are super muscly and attractive...haha.
I specifically mentioned talking because that's how I prefer to communicate. That doesn't mean it's the only way to communicate your feelings.
I'm a freshman in Marching Band, and I'm so glad they are all ugly and upperclassmen, so I can just ogle at the shirtless cross country guys.

Our school has a good number of people involved in both marching band and XC, actually. Me being one of them. (insert suggestive wink here, regardless of the fact that I'm not a shirtless guy with washboard abdominal muscles) Oh, the disappointment. XD

I do agree that communication is vital, but not in an overwhelming way. Would you want to drag on, continuing like this, not really knowing what's going on and how to sort the feels?

Now that I'm here, I'd also like to state that it's practically impossible for me to develop feelings for a guy who's not in marching band. Strangely enough, I just have no attraction to people who don't spend like 15 hours a week marching on a football field while playing the same few songs on instruments over and over again under the heat of the sun and sometimes even in the numbing coldness, which sometimes involves sprinkles of snow where I live.
That's because we can all relate over the fact the we hate ourselves enough to do this to ourselves. It forms strong emotional bonds.
My S.O. and I were in high school marching band together. We have been together for 8 years now, and have been "formally" committed to each other for 6. From my experience, the worst that will come of talking to A is that you will find out that there is nothing going on. The best that could come of it is a happy life together. May as well talk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. All the other trite and overdone nonsense.
We should change this thread's name to "Marching Band SOs."
Ya'll don't know what a crush is.
My band crush is unatanable, and just this year my middle school crush (who I thought I was over) joined! :b :'(
Wish me luck.
Yesterday, right before my school's marching band performance, one of my section leaders asked a drum major (who was also a trumpet) to homecoming. She said yes.
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