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Post a hypothetical pairing and I will calculate their chemistry! Is there a possible romance waiting to be revealed? Fear not! I and my crystal ball can sense the future like a tingly spider on the back of the neck.
Gorgon and Hunterr?
Nips and Ash.layyy
Ash.lay and Pheoeoeoeoeoeoe!

Fortune says: Gorgon and Hunter have a tempestuous love affair that starts of spicy and remains hot. They travel the world together and have mad sex on the Eiffel Tower whilst simultaneously discussing the implications of a marketable teleportation device on international trade, the black market, and corgi adoption rates.

They retire to a chic gentleman's cabin where they stay up long hours of the night playing Dawn of War in the smoke room while smoking on marvelous pipes with long bottom leaf.
Don't you even think about ignoring me, Waterbird.
Or me. I have many names that need shipping
Nips and Ashlayyy have instant sympatico ability and begin a relationship of lemon thieving. When things go from platonic to relational the temperatures really begin to rise. Death comes at a young age after spending six months with no sleep on a pure diet coffee they marathon their favorite shows and die romantically in each others' arms surrounded with memorabilia.

Advice: Never give rides to a stranger in a car, when travelling, always ask the other if they want to stop and kick rocks. Never forget to appreciate the blue of the sky. Your lucky number is 5555555555
I just died in your arms toniiiiight, mustaaa been something you saaaaidddddd

(next I want Meow and Grayseff, Nips and Water Phoenix, Whovian and Meow, Who and Grayseff, and just for funsyz lets do Nips and K)
Looks like she's got her work cut out for her. I'm interested to see where it goes though. XD
Water is a pretty phoenix.

Also do me and ^ I am quite interested
This'll be interesting, at the very least... I'm intrigued, so she should get on this. :D
Looks like she's got her work cut out for her. I'm interested to see where it goes though. XD
I am a fabulous! butterfly.

Pheoeoeoeoe and ashlayyy start coyly pretend flirting in a cafe. One day ashlayyy catches on its not pretend anymore and friend zones the bird. The bird then lashes back by friend zoning her. Ashlayyy insists you cant friend zone if you weren't going for them in the first place. To which bird replies 'OR WERE YOU' then inception occurs and they keep taking turns friend zoning and flirting with each other. After a few months of this nonsense they finally give up on trying to figure out where they were with that so they decide to rent a bigass bus and travel the states. They adopt seventeen latino children and visit all their friends and they make a living off of selling hand knitted iphone cases.

bird eventually falls asleep at the wheel and they plummet off the edge of the grand canyon killing them and all their adoptees.

And at some point, whenever convenient, Meowmix6 and MeowMixSix, that one bastard who is also me with a slightly different username.
Meow and Grayseff go on a date. After a night of wanton abandon each sobers up in the morning and both try to avoid the other, neither realizing that the other has also deleted their number and tried to erase the memory.
Nips and Bird have a romantic evening holding hands. In the morning, they argue about whether in fact destiel should be a thing and why. Nips stabs bird through the eye with a sonic screwdriver and the body is never recovered.

Compatibility: -%74,210,000.000000000001

Recommended action suggested by ball: try speaking more in doge and less in human.
ahhh, memories.
This is my new favorite thing. I'm gonna start a fan site for it.
Whovian and Meow meet over at a used carlot where Meow is trying to sell his piece of **** shit car. Who asks him if the car comes with the driver. Of course it does.

According to the ball this coupling has a % 233 success rate and the symmetry is even stronger than parallel. In fact, it appears they were made for each other and can never be happy without each other.

After the world's best night out of cuddling and drinking beverages Who wakes up and Meow is missing, likely ported to another dimension by the thing hiding under her bed. There is a note on the floor that reads,

"I am the thing under the bed - Not Pheo"
Who and Gray is a purple and a blue soul. The ancient zenistic definition for this means "one is boob joke one is butt joke" they share these compatibilities swimmingly. Unfortunately, the relationship is doomed to fail when one day the stars will align where who is piloting a chopper over france and catches gorgon and gray on top of the eiffel tower.
his piece of **** shit car
Dead. This is too much. XD
Hahahahaha Who and Gray. I die.
Meowmix6 said:
his piece of **** shit car

I am assuming the word is cockadoody but I could be mistaken
Meowmix6 said:
his piece of **** shit car
Crystal ball does not lie. Whatever point in time this is you have a piece of shit car.
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