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Why does love have to be so hard? I'll give you the whole story, or as much as I can get to right now.

So I had been talking to this guy off and on since the Christmas of 2012. We began talking after one of his friends dumped me. At the time, he was awkwardly hitting on me, and I didn't know how to take to it because I thought he was kinda weird. We began talking increasingly, just off and on all through 2013. When we were talking in August, I finally realized I was crushing on him, but I was afraid to get into a relationship for fear of it not working out. By the time I realized I liked him, he began talking to someone else. We began talking again in November and instantly we decided we wanted a relationship. We fell in love in about a month, which I didn't find weird since we'd known each other for over a year already and had been talking for so much. We got more intimate with each other than we ever had with anyone else. I'd only kissed someone before I got with him. We had six beautiful months together before the incident.

One day, things were going fine, and he called me and said he didn't want us anymore. He was in an odd mood, and it absolutely killed me. I cried the whole night about it, and so did he. He took me out of class the next day, and we both admitted we still loved each other. He said he was being dumb. I took him back. He mete some other girl on that night we were apart, and I guessed they kissed because he was having mixed emotions. He told me about this two days ago, and it hurt me so much. And then yesterday, he told me he was starting to get feelings for her. He said he still loves me, but he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore because he was too stressed out. We had been so serious, too. He'd even "proposed" to me a couple times. We didn't mean it as the real thing, but more as a promise that one day we would. I don't have him anymore, and I'm hurting so damn badly. I can't stand the thought of losing him, and I've told him that. I just hope I'll get him back...

I apologize for this being so long, but I thank you if you took the time to read it all. I just need someone to talk to. I'm in so much pain.
I'm sorry to hear this all, Hailey. If you need someone to vent to, I'm usually a pretty good listener. I'm not very good at relationships though, so I don't really have any good advice :/
Relationships carry this risk unfortunately. I'm sorry to hear you're hurting and I hope you feel better soon.

My advice is don't take him back if he asks again because he's already proved himself a flake who has hurt you twice.
Update: Yup. It's over. I was seriously slumming it all Sunday and yesterday. It was pretty awful. I didn't eat on Sunday, and I barely ate anything yesterday. I slept really awfully, too. I told my mom about it this morning, and she bashed him so hard. At the time, I thought it was kind of awful. But then I got to school, and I realized... You know? I could do so much better, and the pain just faded away. And I'm fine now.
I'm glad you're feeling better now, Ms. Hailey... :)
Wow, This really sucks. I hope things get better.
i hate love because nobody loves me
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