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Are you bad at dealing with sudden romantic feelings for friends, acquaintances, or even strangers?

Do these feelings come infrequently and randomly?

Do they terrify you and leave you wondering what to do?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be eligible to join the Frosy-Magik-Dragon Club For People Bad At Dealing With Crushes.

Please, talk about your experiences with crushes and your inability to deal with them below.
We have smoothies! (Tell them we have smoothies!)
That's right guys, we have smoothies. Freshly... crushed.
time for bed
;P Someone got it!
Is there cookies?
Sorry. I only made smoothies.
I brought cookies, but they got kinda smooshed on the way here. You can have the crumbs, if you want.

Anywho, in news, the last two crushes I've had have turned out to be:
1) A straight girl (with a boyfriend, no less!).
2) A gay guy.

So I'm really hitting it out of the park. Wooo!
I'm offended I'm not in the name.
1) Friend, never met in person.
2) Another friend, never met in person, got awkward.

Watch out guys, none of your are safe.
I was very bad at this in my younger years.
There are a bunch a bunch of people I have crushes on. Nobody on here anymore, though. Never mind I think Fwip is still here.
There are a bunch a bunch of people I have crushes on. Nobody on here anymore, though. Never mind I think Fwip is still here.

I think she mostly just lurks, nowadays.
Coldfrost said:
Anywho, in news, the last two crushes I've had have turned out to be:
1) A straight girl (with a boyfriend, no less!).
2) A gay guy.

Ugh we are the same person
You guys, I want a TwoCans crush. Who should I have it on?
Is this the part where I dish out all of my horror stories about my past attempts at romance? I have put up one in the prom thread that good reviews.

It's weird, there is this girl who I had a crush on five years ago (who happens to be my brother's best friend's little sister) who recently popped into my life. She's trying to be an actress and our film company is trying to find good ways to utilize her talents well (we got cool shit for her that makes her not a one sided character). She is also very funny, witty, and adorable in a dorky way. We were hanging out (me, the director in the group, and her) and she brought up how one time when she was in kindergarten how the school's mascot was a "super star" (she went to a catholic school) and how she would stand there with her arms stretched out and her chest pumped up and head to the air and would pretend to be a super star. Like, that is what she decided she wanted to be when she grew up when she was in kindergarten. That kind of dorky cute.

Anyways, back track to five years ago when I had a crush on her, she was a super talented actor (still is), had a beautiful singing voice (still does) and we started chatting. Well, her friend figured out that I had a crush on her and it started this whole thing where her friend and I would talk about it. Long story short, when my crush found out about it she was, well, not ecstatic. She wasn't creeped out, she just didn't find me attractive. It came down to the point where I wanted to ask her out but I knew that she would say no. I decided I shouldn't but all of both my friends and her friends were like "do it already!" so I did. She said no and I walked away. I wasn't sad or anything, it was just hella awkward.

Back to us hanging out, when her dad came to pick her up (at like midnight), she walked out the door and somehow it slipped that I had asked her out a long time ago. Now, I had told the director about that just in case things did get awkward he would know why. The whole night she was super chill and fun to hang out with, but at the very end she mentioned how I asked her out in casual conversation. Frankly, I was shocked that she would. It was so awkward, like I think back and cringe. But she mentioned it and was totally fine with mentioning it. It was weird.

Anyways, none of this would really matter if it wasn't bringing back old feelings. Like, I haven't had a serious crush for like a year and here this girl comes waltzing into my life. On the one hand, I don't want to try doing anything about these feelings because that wouldn't be fair to make her have to leave this opportunity because things get awkward between us again. On the other, feels. Lot's of feels.

Oh, and this is probably the least sad of my sad stories.
I get crushes way too much. Random strangers I see throughout the day, people I've spoken to even just once, random classmates who sit across the room.
I have a hyperactive imagination, and I basically create scenarios in my head all day with the people I see and get a crush. It really doesn't matter who they are, could even be a person online that I have never seen or rarely directly spoken to. But my mind just takes the little thread and pulls and pulls until I have a whole situation made up.
Maybe they aren't crushes, just odd fascinations, but they feel like crushes.
"Here you can have a bite of my food."

Cue my heartbeat speeding up. I wear my heart on my sleeves. Though it's retracted after the number of mistakes I've made.
My crushing is pathological.
I've never had a crush. Am I missing out on anything?
You're missing out on your feelings acting like a high BAC and contributing to similar poor life decisions and concurrent emotional damage.
I tend to have obsessive limerent crushes, so they can be quite nice when reciprocated. When not reciprocated, they are kind of disembowling. I guess not experiencing crushes might be kind of like not experiencing ASMR. I don't have any ASMR stuff whatsoever, but other people talk about it and seem to think it's great. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out, but mostly I've just accepted that those experiences are just not a part of who I am. Sorry if that is a bad or insensitive analogy, that's just what came to mind.
I sometimes start to from crushes on close friends of mine, but I tend to stifle those from the get go. However I've had a probably about 3 mutual crushes/romantic interests in the past year. One girl I met at a party but she had just ended a relationship and didn't want to get back into one, another girl I recently met really liked me but she went to Australia to study abroad for the semester and the last girl was a girl I've basically been in love with for 2 years who kind of sort of emotionally cheated on her boyfriend with me. So yay!
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