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I guess I need to break a wall that wall where I go between being a private person and needing to share something about myself. I am in my mid 20's and I figured by now I would have found my other half. I do not mean from a marriageable perspective but just from the perspective of having someone I admire who is an equal to me. A person who I can respect and who can respect me and see the good and see the faults and hold me as if I am the last person on this earth.

Each time I am disappointed by the shallowness of the people I encounter. He's not handsome. She's not attractive. They are not deep or intellectual enough. I am too foolish with my speech after a few too many drinks.

To be quite honest, reading articles like these:

"Given that you have 500,000,000 potential soul mates, it means you’ll only find true love in one lifetime out of ten thousand."

As BS-y as they sound makes me feel like realistically I probably will never ever find a suitable partner. I do not want to settle for someone I do not think reeks of triumphantness, grandiosity, and richness.

I guess I am just all messed up and I am looking for that gold in a coal mine.

Will I be married by 30 or will I die alone?
everyone is alone in the end
Do you think that you "reek of triumphantness, grandiosity, and richness" ?
I felt the same for a while as well, being in crappy relationships, long distance relationship where I was unwilling to let go, to my most recent one which I realized I was putting out way more (in a figurative way) and changing for him. And well that ended and I am just pretty much floating at the moment but that is ok. I don't think it's bad to have expatiations of who we wish to spend forever with, I think where it gets line fuzzy is when you want that someone who is 5'11, red haired blue eye and model thin, and overlook the small things. Like what does she/he like to do? what makes them laugh? in what ways do they make me think different? what goals have they set? do they have dreams? and these sensible things. Take me I enjoy a good conversation, I hate to drink, and I hate smoking, but if you want to go to a bar and a have a few drinks fine, I'll drink my pepsi. I enjoy learning about you, what your stance is on religion as far as do you agree with it or are you chill about it? favorite book and movie, places to travel and so on. I recently found that although this guy and I have BUNCH in common there are a few things and he does I don't but I enjoy that fact that I don't compromise myself for him, his kids are adorable. So in hind sight don't over look the small things that make up a person because you have standards that you won't change, and as I have learned the hard way that my standards did change a lot as I got older and wiser it just took me forever to realize it.
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