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well I fit that requirement perfectly
I'm very much a medium person in height and body type, so when people say what they like in a partner physically I usually don't fall into that category. It's not that I'm ugly or people won't date me for that reason, I just mean that you don't see a lot of guys going around saying "I like medium girls". I digress, this is the thread for what girls look for in a guy so I should be the one to judge right now...

edit: maybe not judge, just state my opinion
well I fit that requirement perfectly

How you doin'?
I'm a tall boy.
I'm a tall boy.

Our love can never be.
They have to be hawt
I'm running a fever of 40*C due to a virulent parasitic infection
oh i made a list in this before, but its changed a bit so id like to revise

  • accepts me for who i am
  • gives little to no care about zodiac signs (not gonna base someone off their zodiac sign)
  • communicates with me when something bothers them
  • no guilt tripping!
  • trust!
  • no possessiveness and obsession at an unhealthy degree
  • knowledge is power

  • little amount of piercings and tattoos
  • taller than me! (this'll be fairly easy, i'm 4'11.5)
  • glasses :]

Things I want (some of these are weird btw):
  • can handle DN
  • lets me turn down compliments
  • doesn't buy me gifts excessively (i'm not really materialistic)
  • hand holding :]
  • moments where we just sit down and stare at eachother with no talking and admire eachother
  • play roblox together
  • believes that margaret thatcher is dead
Are the glasses a requirement?
noe! im open to all physical appearances
the tattoos and piercings tho are a requirement
All my piercings have healed through. I am disqualified.

I don't even play Roblox. Our love was never meant to be.
what a pity :,)
maybe in another lifetime
Our love can never be.
This love is banned in 49 states.
In which state isn't it?
The state of mind.
And probably Alaska. They let ya get away with a lot in Alaska.

All jokes aside though I don't think I've fit into any list anyone's ever made for a mister perfect. Other guys have, I'm sure, but not me. I have character flaws.
I'm sure you'll find someone. If that fails, wait until rapid cloning is a viable option and start a self-harem.
Oh, I've mistaken you. I don't fit into lists, but that hasn't caused me trouble finding anyone. Pretty happily single right now. Not single with flings and/or flirtations, but like actually single just grinding, working, serving out some tight felony probation.
But still, consider the self-harem
Thanks for that brand new mental image.
Kylljoy said:
But still, consider the self-harem
Can you feel it, Mr. Krabs?
This love is banned in 49 states.

If you really loved me you'd cut your legs off at the knee. (And move to Canada. No states here, baby.)
He means states of the Galactic federation. And since there's only 49 of those, there's no place in the UNIVERSE where this is allowed.

The council tabled the discussion of the genocide of planet 3Gx97 to put this one down faster.
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