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Did it hurt?
When I fell from heaven? Yeah, that shit cracked my head open. It sucked.
So you died again?
I wonder if my boobs will be bigger in Heaven...
So, talonhand, you're 14, huh? me.jpg

I'm 13. Asdas is 14...I think.
Did it hurt?

When you burst forth through earth's crust from the fiery pits of hell itself?
Venice wins... Forever.
I feel abused, yet empowered somehow.
I like 'breasts'. It doesn't sound too 'proper' to me at all. The others sound silly to my ears, or gross.

However he's taken to calling them my 'squishies' or 'breastables' lately haha
mammaries... just to add humor
it depends on who I'm talking to-friends= boobs, family=chest
Please do not necropost.
Please do not necropost.
Seriously guys. Stop with the necroposting. Soph's word is still law. All hail the mighty Sophrosyne. Now let us pray for the second coming.