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It's pretty contextual. Sockpuppeting is less about having a few different names and more about pretending to be multiple people (like less serious catfishing), changing your name isn't against the rules and a hilarious rap battle between two of your accounts once in a while is pretty ok, but actively using more than one account is a no-no.
If you "actively use" multiple accounts for different purposes without letting the two interact, would that be okay? I know a couple users who have done this.
I wont tell you what my second account is, but I used a pretty good disguise so that people wont know who I am for when I want to browse the forum incognito as it were.
I suppose so. So long as neither is ban-worthy neither will be shut down.
Who got married from here? I didn't know there were nuptials
Well there was Ariah and APG. I can't remember right now if there was another couple too.
Uhhh Jest and Gray? I think APG and Ariah already were together before joining, not sure tho
(Edit: I just realized that that wasn't in response to gray's post, in which case, I'm silly for mentioning them :P )
Nah, APG and Ariah definitely met on the site. And Jest and Gray aren't married, yo. Unless I've been under a massive rock.

Edit: None of that editing away things you post and making my replies look like nonsense :P
No worries dude I fixed it. I edited before I saw your response, because I looked back and realized that question was in response to Gray's post, which would make mentioning them silly
Ariah and APG = Married
Jest and Gray = Living in sin w/ a baby
Shannen and Plutian = in a relationship

There's at least one more couple, but I can't remember their nicks.
What's the worst that could happen?
What's the best that could happen?

Is the risk worth it?

The risk is always worth it!
So my ish cute guy showed up at work, to get his last paycheck we talked for a few minutes, then my jackass of a co worker was like oh hey cheeto do have to flirt so hard. I just about kicked my co woiker in the face, then cuter guy looked at our co worker and was like dude chill out, we were both flirting. And I was well as sly as you are trying to be the facts are we both have a bf/gf and I don't feel like leaving one relationship for another espually when I really don't know you all that well. Then cute guy says, well we could change that, I co uld give you my number. I said no lets just stick to talking on facebook, or we could chat over coffee. I think I am just in circles here I need to move on from this guy right?
Jest said:
Ariah and APG = Married
Jest and Gray = Living in sin w/ a baby
Shannen and Plutian = in a relationship

There's at least one more couple, but I can't remember their nicks.

Maestro and QuietFlower, although they met outside the site.
Jash and I are madly in love

It's totes true
@ThatPerson, I'm only counting people who met through this site.
Okay, wasn't sure.
There's a guy I met online and he lives in the UK (I'm in the US). I like him...a lot. He said he would love to visit the states and we sort of made plans for him to come in about a year and stay with me for a couple of months and take a road trip down to Florida.

Realistically, this is a long shot. Still, I can't help but feel some excitment at the idea of it all.
Why Florida it sucks here
Go somewhere interesting
That's just where he wants to go lol. I was honestly a little surprised too but I plan on driving down the length of the east coast to get there, then driving back another route so he can see a bunch of other stuff too.
Tell him FL sucks
Disney World thoooo
It's overpriced and not even that fun, thoooo......... like if y'all are down to drop 120+ for one park, one day pass sure go nuts, but keep in mind you ain't gettin a beer or a soda for under $9
I'll put some vodka in ziplocks and stuff them in my bra lol
All jokes aside, you're's way too pricy.

Edit: not to mention all the little ankle bitters
I met one of my significant other people on this site. Or IRC really, I guess.

Also I'm kind of sad that I'm not around enough anymore for weird people to develop wacky infatuations with me. I'm probably too old now though anyway.

EDIT: Also, I'm doing the US/UK thing right now, and it has been a pain in my neck mostly. I got detained at immigration this time around because I spend too much time here.
Don't worry K.

Those of us who do have wacky infatuations with you will never have them fade. Take heart. <3
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