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But y tho. If you want that sweet sweet action.
I dated a dude once who took like three weeks to kiss me. We hung out every day and shit too, and it took three weeks.
Eventually he made a move right as I figured this dude wasn’t actually into me. So I mean. Wait? Or dont. You could just do it yourself
That's what I'm thinking, that he's not into me as much, and it's going to be insanely awkward if I just go for it.
We might go on another date next week, I'm just going to man up and do it. If I get rejected, so be it. And if I don't, then helllllll yeah I'mma get it. Thanks y'all.

I think about this surprisingly often. Makes me smile.

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I'm dating someone.
Congratulations! I hope it goes well for you.
Thanks! It's been over a month, and things seem good so far. It's been nice.
I'm wondering if I should start dating again now that I'm out of FL and shit. I'm "over" my ex (in the sense that I no longer fear the touch of any other man/woman, usually don't cry about him unless I'm drunk or on my period), but I'm also not really over a lot about my relationship.
Like, I went fucking nuts with Jeff, like I have never been before, and I don't like that person at all. I never want to be that person again in my life. It was awful. It made me kind of realize why he was so freshly ready to cut all contact with me and shit. My agoraphobia was Out of ControlTM, and it took me literally the 3ish months we've been apart to get it back to a manageable level.... I'm super worried that as soon as I meet someone compatible (which let's face it, I will, I'm fucking hilarious), it'll happen all over again.
My anxiety just kind of runs my life in general for the most part, and while I am doing the shit I need to (tele-therapy with my specialist back in Orlando, smoking the proper strands of that gorgeous reef LEGAL IN DC BTW) and making myself meet people organically and get out of the house even when I want to hide... I'm worried about that relapse.

Relationship shit is hard. I went from seeing myself marrying this dude to the worst heartbreak I've ever had in my life. And I knew it wasn't a blindsided thing, like, I saw it coming and did absolutely nothing to prevent it.
How do you just... get past all that BS
Basically just be more cautious is all I've ever figured out.

You see a sexy bish and get to know her and she ball gags you and claws your arm to shreds in the same place as your first and craziest love while also wearing flannel? Kanye shrug and tell said bish to swerve when she tries the "I dont want to get involved" headgame.

Complete hypothetical obvi.
You always know what to say, doggydog. I'll just d8 u instead.

Also I got drunk and messaged a guy I used to have feelings for and was tryin wayyyy too hard and holy fuck Im not even shocked tbh
Pixels said:
You always know what to say, doggydog. I'll just d8 u instead.

Also I got drunk and messaged a guy I used to have feelings for and was tryin wayyyy too hard and holy fuck Im not even shocked tbh

Hahahahahahahaha actual footage from alternate reality where we're dating tho:

Also it's ok I've drunk messaged like nine exes in the last four months. Only got blocked by 2!!!
so what you're saying is... our love is The BombTM
Wow that pun was explosive

It sure blew me away

It was real dymamite what you said

Nuked my mind to be honest

Didn't mean to get nuclear over that

This thread might as well be an Ariana Grande concert

Wow probably wouldn't have made it through airport security with a joke like that
That just boom my mind, man.
MAAAAAAAN my shit ain't even changed.

I don't know what I want, if I want to date, if I even like people at all in general, whatever. Online dating is a joke, I don't go out without a huge group so I'm never approached irl, people I know don't have single friends. Like. How meet? What do? Fuck it, man, I'm just gonna buy a vibrator.
XD. I understand, but keep your chin up, love finds everyone eventually. Keep on rolling girl.
I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and I feel like I should be crying and sad and stuff, but I'm just....not? Like I'm kinda over it already, and either that says something about me, about our relationship, or both. I feel like I need to act sad to my friends so they don't think I'm a cold bitch.
I'm not that great with relationships but sometimes it's just like that. You shouldn't force yourself to feel sad about something if you aren't sad about it.
My work crush got a new haircut, like a layered fringe, which is pretty great, but a couple of seventh grade girls were teasing her about it out in the hall when I walked by, telling her bangs made her look too young to be a teacher, and they liked her old hair better. So right as I walk by she says, "I don't know, I think I look cute," and makes direct eye contact with me. I gave her a not-bad-obama-face.jpeg accompanied by a shrug and enthusiastic nodding, and continued on my way. Why am I like this?

She did look extra hot today, tho...
Catch her in the copy room.

Grab that hair.

Well we did meet in HR, so...

If you want to court her, ask her out...

I feel that didn't need to be said.
That's a novel idea.
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