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You mean turn on thread, right?
Venice said:

A breakdown of posts thus far
Sex can be beautiful and romantic.
-But it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to be.
Your body is amazing and should be treated as such.
-Your body is your body. No one can tell you what's right for your body as long as it's not harmful to you or others, especially when it comes to sex.
Sex cannot be generalized.
-This IS a generalization.
You can experiment with things you like and push your boundaries.
-Be safe.
I'm not a writer myself and cannot fathom how the come up with analysis of an orgasm.
-By having orgasms, probably.
But orgasm are essentially the same but different in detail for each with sex, the possibilities are endless!
-No problem with this statement, but it's not helpful.

Okay, anyone else wanna jump in, so this will be a real thread? :p

OK come on you guys. A breakdown of every sentence she's said so far?? Your gonna pick apart EVERY SENTENCE and target her like this? Now your just jumping on her. All she wanted to do is help. Ya'll are just salty because you were told to stay abstinent, you had sex anyway (prob. too early b.c. most people have it to early) and now your angry that your fist time wasn't everything you wanted it to be. That's not your educator's fault. That's the media's. And yours.

The fact that people take the words "mentally ready" with a grain of salt is proof of this. I say underage sex is overrated. (granted, I also say different ages work for different people.)

From the time she said she worked at high-schools, you guys have been pouncing left and right on every word she says. She even tried to apologize with a "sorry I'm tired" and ya'll were like YEAH YOU ARE TIRED GET OUT OF THE THREAD. πŸ’ͺπŸ”ΊπŸ’ͺ" Can we stop with the hate? Plz? Gosh dang all she tried to do was help some people out. And you guys should probably at least look at the advice she gave ya'all.

I mean - you guys got what ya wanted tho. She left.
Grow up.
Just an FYI, the post you're responding to is nearly 6 years old.
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