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What thoughts do you have about the movie? Do you think marvel made a good call with who they “killed.”
I overall enjoyed it. I think that they handled the bloated cast extremely well. I only really have two complaints:
I feel like the powers of the infinity stones was too often a 'blast of light' rather than a unique ability which all of them should have had.
The second is that I think a certain character should have died from his wounds but instead lives all the way to the end.

I think the ones they killed were great and I couldn't predict any of them.
I was so sure they were going to kill Iron man- that would have really shocked people. When he got stabbed, a bunch of people in the theater gasped
You guys are posting spoilers onto the front page, FYI.
Scoggles is correct. If you wanna talk about it without spoiling the front page, lead off with a bit of buffer text. About this long is more than enough.

Then you can freely talk about how
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Iron Man should have died. I have never liked Tony Stark. I would gladly trade him for even the worst of the ones who died. Like Drax...poor Drax. He is the best.

Also, the infinity stones should each have unique powers, but what can you do.
I guess I get the point of thantos being so powerful but I really, really hated the lack of fight.
Oh, I'm sure it's coming.
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