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talk about vocaloid, and suggest some songs.
A song that i can recommend is Kurage-p's エヌ(N).
its about a vampire that eats noodles and its my favorite song from him.
though, dance vr dance and chururira chururira come really close.
idk if this is a vocaloid (it's jpop) but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG EVER is 雨のち晴レルヤ (ame nochi hareruya)
Forgetfulsubs has translated 2 of Jon's songs within the last month and I'd say they're pretty good.
Ano-toxin and Juvenilism
I really love this old one I found called servant of evil by Len Kagamine. So many feels...
Ah, that one's a classic.
My favorite Len song would be Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life
Mine would be...(shoot there are too many to choose from...oh I got it) KSGR Punishment of Hell