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I am not against watching subs, but I just fell that you miss so much if you have to read the whole thing. The first time I watched Berserk it was subbed. But I didn't care because it was so good.

We (as in my family) actually have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, but really my parents don't like me watching anime, so I try to find it in other places where it is not so easy to get caught. On top of that, I am running an iPod that runs 4.2.1, making it impossible to use those anyway.

That anime looks decent, I may try to find it. I just feel so emotionally drained after watching so many intense anime's back to back (except Sekirei of course.
If you are not easily offended by violence and nudity, Elfin Lied is really good. So is Deathnote.
The Devil Is a Part-Timer's a good light-hearted comedy.
Elfin Lied

You've got a fucked up definition of comedy.
I am open to anything really. My sister says that I have to watch Black Butler next, though it doesn't interest me too much.

I watched the first three episodes of Konosuba, and it is good so far, just a little dirtier than expected.
Wormwood said:
You've got a fucked up definition of comedy.

Hey! I resemble that remark! :D

Seriously, though, both of those are fantastic in their own ways.

Black Butler is one you have to either enjoy immediately or else learn to love it. The yaoi undertones make it tonnes of fun for people into that.
By the way, I have always wanted to ask this: do any girl anime watchers get offended by the extreme sexuality towards women in anime? I asked my sister, but she said no, she rather enjoys it, which creeped me out a little
Why does it creep you out?

Some of us are okay with it, others are against it, while others still are ambivalent. For me, it is context dependent. If it makes sense in the story, I am more likely to be okay with it (except for Kill La Kill...just no). If it is overt sexualisation for fan service, then it is ONLY okay if it is done to all the characters.

In case it wasn't clear from context and other things, I am a girl who watches anime. My students regularly accuse me of doing nothing in my time off except "drink tea and watch anime". Of course, they also call me an evil witch, so...
It more creeped me out hearing it from my sister, that's what I meant anyway. I just thought that other female anime watchers might feel different about it.

(except for Kill La Kill...just no).

I resent that, Kill la Kill's plot and even themes/lessons were based on the symbolism of their clothes and the progression of their outfits and whatnot, it wasn't just fanservice, it was a necessary plot device.

As for good dubs, i've heard the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood dub was pretty good. and fullmetal alchemist as an anime alone was great so i'd recommend anyways. (brotherhood is a reboot of the original, just watch brotherhood, the original strays from the source plot anyways)
While I agree with you fundamentally, it felt like fan service for most of the series. On top of that, it made me super uncomfortable to see the things I saw. I actually enjoyed the idea, just not the execution.
I've really been enjoying Neo Yokio.
Neo Yokio really was a lot of fun. I'd be excited to see a season 2 of it <3
In my time away from this site, I have been watching a lot of anime, and I came up with some questions for you guys;

1. Is there a complete 'harem' anime? I have not found a single one, but I understand that it is not the most popular genre.

2. Are there any animes about regular people living regular lives? Every anime I watch has at least is at least about criminals.

3. I am still looking for comedy anime, so more recommendations would be nice. I will look it up and see if it may be something I like.

4. I am also looking for short but really good animes. I just have a hard time staying with an anime over 150 episodes.

5. What are animes that most anime watchers have seen? I want to be able to talk to others about anime, so I think watching some that are commonly watched would help.

6. Are there any animes for kids? I babysit my cousin and she saw me watching anime and wanted to as well, but I didn't think that her parents would appreciate me exposing her to the content in mature anime to a seven year old.

7. What exactly are "light novels"? I see that many animes that I watch are based on light novels, and I am unsure of what they are.

Replies would be much appreciated, as these questions have been floating around in my head for a while. Thank you!
This website can help a lot with finding anime you haven't seen before, including descriptions that can come in pretty handy. You can't watch anything there, but it is still a good resource. That said...

1. What do you mean "complete"? Like Ouran High School Host Club is a pretty good "reverse harem", and it tells a full story arc that is tied up nicely, but there is still much more sorry they could tell. And each series of Tenchi Muyo is a pretty complete story as well, fitting nicely into the harem subgenre.

2. Nana, Silver Spoon (sorta), Your Lie in April, et c. Look up "slice of life anime" and you will hit the jackpot on this.

3. Gurren Lagann is pretty hilarious. As is Fairy Tail. Maybe also check out Kill La Kill if you haven't yet.

4. The series that comprise Fate are pretty short individually, and they are fantastic. Plus you can just watch one and come back later if you like it. The series I mentioned above are also pretty short except for those in Tenchi Muyo.

5. MyAnimeList will answer this one for you.

6. Uhhmmm... Yes. But I don't really think about that while watching them, so it is hard to keep up with that.

7. I don't really know how to answer this one.
Just watched Elfen Lied. Wow. It was different from any other anime I have seen. I was very invested in the plot, and I even teared up in spots at the end. I think that the end left a lot to the imagination of the viewer, and that left me thinking a lot about the plot. I give it 4 1/2 stars. If they ever did more content I would totally watch it.
1. if you meant the harem protag gets all the girls, yes, It's called demon king daimao

2. yep, slice of life. my favorite has gotta be daily lives of highschool boys.

3. Above would probably count. also Gintama (although it's very long)

4. if you want actual recommendations, Erased (boku dake inai machi), Inuyashiki (it's still going rn, it came out this season), Overlord, GATE,

5. One Piece, Naruto, Dragonball, Love Live, Attack on Titan, Monster Musume, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, and some others. All of them are pretty long so you're not expected to have watched all of it, but knowing the characters and some general plot would do you good.

6. You can double check on my anime list, but as i know of, Non Non Biyori, DoReMi Magical Girls, Kemono Friends are a good start

7. Basically all anime goes through three forms. It starts off as a light novel. This is basically just a book that comes in parts (sorta like a comic) except it's just walls of text. and then it has illustrations on major pages. If it gets good reception it becomes a manga. Then a production company picks it up it'll become an anime.
One of my favorite up and coming ones is The Rising of the Shield Hero. It's a manga now, it's doing really good and i've heard things about it probably becoming an anime soon.
What I mean by "complete" is really how the end feels, I guess. You can tell when an anime didn't run through the whole manga, and you can tell when it just ran through an "arc". There are so many unexplained plot pieces, backstories missing, and goals of main characters not attempted. That is what I guess I mean by "complete".

So light novels are like product testing for the plotlines of manga/anime? It would make sense to me that before they spent the time and money on a manga/anime that producers would want to see if readers would like the plot.

So, speaking of production, what causes producers to stop producing an anime? Obviously sales and reception are the biggest factors, but I have seen a few animes that were sold and received well, but still did not get consecutive seasons.

Thank you for the information! As questions continue to surface in my brain I will continue to ask.
Not really, not that I can remember. A lot of them are nowhere near finished or just didn't get to go through everything, or got cut short early. If you're fine with reading manga, I'd say Sekirei is pretty good, it's pretty long and touched on each "member" of the harem, no one's left out or ignored as far as plot, while still coming together with a great story. There's two seasons of anime, but i haven't heard anything about a third.

Essentially yes, but sometimes no. It's more like a lot of light novels and manga are written by themselves by publishing companies or circles as self-published works, and if they get big enough, they get noticed by the big companies, who decide to make an anime to further profit off of something that seems to be doing well. It's not the case for all anime, and a lot of the major popular anime will already have the backing of a large company in its starting phases, but for the seasonal ones that usually last 13 episodes, that's more what happens. If it's 13 episodes per season but you know it's coming back, it most likely started as a light novel, and may be continuing as one, even when the manga and anime are being made. If it's continuous like one piece or something, only the manga is ongoing.

It's pretty much all money. They get dropped if sales in japan aren't doing very well, so even if they got decent reception in the US or other countries, it doesn't matter. Other less common reasons are if the manga isn't doing well, so it wouldn't make sense to keep going if it's going to get worse, if the manga isn't very far ahead of the anime, and so there's nothing to adapt, if the writer/artist dies, again halting production, or if there's some licensing issues where negotiations fall through or something.
Devilman Crybaby.

Why do I want more? I should hate this.
Oh man Devilman Crybaby is fantastic. I love the visual style and all the little bits of characterization that go into the side characters. I went into it without knowing much about the source material and the second half of it caught me off guard. Thank god for Netflix because this wouldn't have been made otherwise.
Devilman is my favorite anime, loved it since I was young. Really enjoyed Crybaby
I loved Devilman Crybaby, I saw it recently, at least within the past week, and it's incredible!
If anyone still wants comedy every day life anime, My Ordinary Life aka Nichijou is really funny. Not exactly ‘everyday’ ( even though it means everyday) but still along those lines and funny imo.
Not really, not that I can remember. A lot of them are nowhere near finished or just didn't get to go through everything, or got cut short early. If you're fine with reading manga, I'd say Sekirei is pretty good, it's pretty long and touched on each "member" of the harem, no one's left out or ignored as far as plot, while still coming together with a great story. There's two seasons of anime, but i haven't heard anything about a third.

I read the manga and watched the anime of Sekirei, and I thought the reasons that the anime stopped production was 1, it wasn't very popular, and 2, the second season made up its own storyline, completely deviating from the manga, making it very hard to continue.