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Anyone wanna discuss the knife wife?
I claim your soul. Yuri from Yuri on ice or Doki Doki Literature Club
why not just make it a general waifu discussion thread? this thread is so specific. or do we already have that
I didn't find an anime thread in the first five pages of the Music/Movies/TV/Books section, where this topic probably belongs, so I'd say go ahead and make one.
You mean you didn't find this one on the first page?

Either way, that thread is for talking about anime in general so I feel like discussing waifus specifically would be derailing it. You probably want to make a post in either Movies/TV/whatever rather than Gen. Disc.
Off to music/movies/tv/books!
Well... ok
alright y'all have any waifus
i don't have any (but tbh mirai is best girl??)
Well I think it is obvious who mine is
Well, it's obvious this site hates me, soooo yeah hahaha I guess I'll just post as much Yuri as possible before I get banned ehehehehehe
You can talk as much as you like about her in this thread, I don't mind.
my waifu is Gumi from vocaloid