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Anyone seen this? I just started it yesterday. I think I’m on the fifth episode? Whenever Lucifer and the priest came to Japan to try and kill Satan and Emilia - that was the last episode I watched. I’m really digging this whole devil becomes a human and starts to feel human emotions premise.
This is a great show. I finished it about five months ago. You will not be disappointed. :)
This sounds up my alley. Where are you watching it?
I just watched it on youtube.
Hi BBC, dibs on your soul.
It's cool how they work together as roommates. I imagine it'd suck sharing a single room with somebody like that.
DIAV said:
hahahaa that abbreviation though
I’m about to watch it on Netflix and I saw the titles of the episodes and for some reason they are really funny.
is this thread still active? i just finished watching (binging) it on netflix and i wanna talk to people about itttttttt
InsiDoubt said:
This sounds up my alley. Where are you watching it?

Netflix, YouTube, probably Crunchyroll? I finished it a year or two ago, highly recommend it. Struck a nice balance between "serious" content, comic relief, and absurd, solely human things. Fun little comedy.
Not on Crunchyroll, but it is on Netflix.
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