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Who here has read Sherlock Holmes? (I apologize if there are other threads with this topic. I couldn't stand looking through them.)
What do you think?
and... dibs on your soul.
I have a feeling you aren't talking about me again, are you?
Was that (rather random) conversation by chance on a thread that I haven't cared to find?
No, mine was a specific response to your first post. I can't answer for MD's contribution.
Okay then.
My contribution to what?
This thread.
Alrighty then. Just wanted to clear that up.
In that case, how many souls have you claimed overall?
I am reading the book of Sherlock Holmes, but I love the movie Robert Downey Jr. one of my favorite actors. One of my best dialogues in Sherlock Holmes is The fair sex is your department. hahaha....gud one.
I watch this movie by software easy and nice in use. Plz, someone suggest me from where I download a series of Sherlock Holmes.
That all depends on what you mean by series. The... short stories/books are seemingly easy to get ahold of, however, downloading them is not my strong suit.
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