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I love reading, and had since I was in grade 8. But some people I know don't even know who Mark Twain or Charles Dickens is! This blows my mind, I know not everyone reads but still these guys are so famous and their books are amazing. So tell me why do you read?
If you get really into a book and read it fervently, the act eventually feels reminiscent of acid. That’s sorta why I read. And sometimes I like to know what’s up with some writer. For instance, I used to wonder “the fuck was up with Sylvia Plath and why was this chick apparently so damn sad?” then I read The Bell Jar.

And another time I wondered “Why the fuck is there a play called Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Then I read the transcript and laughed my asshole off the whole way through while thinking about long time and recently married people I know.
I read... for enjoyment? That's an interesting question and I don't recall ever thinking about it before. Reading books always seemed like the natural thing to do.
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