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Anyone else watching this? Dope show.
Just started yesterday. Making my way through the episodes on a slow burn. Interesting concept, I like it and I'll watch it, but I'm not super into it.
I’m not too far in either. That’s kinda the same way I feel about it but I’ve got hopes for it just because I think as well that it’s an interesting concept and some of the characters are freaking funny. I don’t want to see it go the route of a lot of modern shows and turn into an angst fest.
It's consistently fabulous, although the cliffhangers don't stop.
Oh I’m fine with cliffhangers at the ends of episodes, only series finales that end in cliffhangers get to me. I’ll keep watching even if because it is a fun show, but be real with me. Does it turn into an angst fest? It might not have been airing for long enough for you to know though.
It's a bit over the top, and over-acted at some points; but I've thoroughly enjoyed watching what I have so far (I think I'm 2-3 episodes away from the finale). I like the cinematography and character development, and it does a good job at not being too predictable in the course of the series. (That is, not counting the times you think is going to happen later that particular episode.)
Over the top is a great way to put it. I mean, big rubber animal masks as disguises and then the guy playing the dad seems to be kinda trying too hard sometimes. Great that everyone has generally good things to say about it. Finding new TV shows that I enjoy is really hard.
I got a chance to finish it this weekend, and (without much knowledge about the source material) I more referred to character choices, reactions, and psychology when I said "over the top" than the fictional aspects. That could have been writing, translating to TV, or (again not too familiar with) the source material.
Overall a good show, and I enjoyed it. I could definitely see them wanting to continue the series; but feel (for character development) that the single season ended at a very good stopping point for that story.
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