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I like music I can fall asleep to. For me that means ambient music like Carbon Based Lifeforms and things from Ultimae Records, Viper (You’ll cowards don’t even smoke crack is really chill even if dumb) and Slowdive. Basically slow, repetitive music for me. Some reason it used to be I could only fall asleep to fast music with words I couldn’t understand.

What do you listen to while falling asleep if you do that sometimes?
I wish I could do that.
Dude, that's like all I listen to. Specifically Terpene by Carbon Based Lifeforms and While I Was Away by Space Dimension Controller. Even if I'm not sleepy, I'll still listen to it for a little bit when I feel bored, or happy, or sad. Really anytime I'm in an emotional mood.

EDIT: Marconi Union - Weightless is amazing as well.
Dude, Terpene is my favorite song by Carbon Based Lifeforms. On my old phone, I had a sleep/study/whatever playlist that started and ended with Terpene. Also so Space Dimension Controller is clutch, thanks for showing that. All those songs were great, I just listened to the last one laying on my bed. Very interesting experience. You ever heard of n u a g e s? Dude look up Robert Rich (that’s a link to one of his songs) one day. He used to do these things he called sleep concerts. Super long and you’re supposed to fall asleep at them. I wish I had been around for them. Ambient music used to be all I listened to, I’d be listening to carbon based lifeforms during class and I’ll listen to them during the day sometimes. I’ve switched over mostly to Slowdive and bands kinda like them like My Bloody Valentine.
Scoggles said:
I wish I could do that.
Music too distracting?
I have a playlist of ambient or more lively but chill electronic songs. I posted about it a lot in the Q&A last year. Here it is.
Oh man, this is baller. You’ve got miktek and connect ohm and stellardrone and a lot other cool projects. I’ll have to put one together later on.
Glad you like the music :D
I just found this ambient album I like a lot called Keep the Ocean Inside by The Seven Fields of Aphelion. Kind of like if Boards of Canada went full ambient with their sound. It's really beautiful.
Liking it so far. linky
If you guys like video game music as I do, there's a bunch of albums on bandcamp that are both from video games, and soothing! It's literally titled "prescription for sleep"
there's albums for shovel knight, celeste, secret of mana, undertale, and a bunch more. I personally like it.
they basically remix video game songs into calmer, soothing versions.
I like to fall asleep to ASMR videos on youtube of people scratching each others' backs, no whispering, that shit's a little weird. And a second video of rain sounds if I wanna be extra comf.
Light rain sounds and video game music?
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