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There have always been protagonists who are meant to be bad people. Two and a Half Men is about funny alcoholism;* titular Nurse Jackie cheats on her husband, lies, and is a drug addict;* and, more famously, characters like Rick of Rick and Morty and Bojack of Bojack Horseman are rude, abusive alcoholics.*

Creators of the last two shows mentioned have said, either in show or via social media, to stop looking up to these protagonists. They've told their fans in no uncertain terms that these are not good characters and not to use them to justify your own behavior.

What are your thoughts? Is continuing to make deeply flawed characters, knowing that viewers are likely to idealize and imitate them, irresponsible?

*Note: addiction in itself does not make someone a bad person
'Anti-hero' is hardly a recent invention, we can't blame any contemporary authors for the collapse of morality, downfall of civilization, starting the fire, etc. My initial impression is imitating literary characters is simply nothing new and the increased noise about it is a symptom of the Connected Age that we're still figuring out how to deal with.
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