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There's a ton of cool webcomics out there, but which are the best?

Two of my favorites are brawl in the family and awkward zombie.
The former has unfortunately concluded, but it's a webcomic I enjoy nonetheless.
They're both video game webcomics, because I like video games.
Awkward zombie was one I read too. My favorites were Sam & Fuzzy and Gunnerkrigg Court.
video game comics you say?
Gosh I used to read so many webcomics but, the only one I actively follow any more is Questionable Content. I assume because it's easily digestible and maintains a regular release schedule of "every day but not the weekends," making it easy to remember. I also like making fun of Jeph Jacques' attempts at being woke, and whenever I feel like my drawing skills are bad I can go back and read the first few hundred pages and that makes me feel better.

When I remember, I try to read Goodbye to Halos. At this point anything relating to Valerie Halla is probably one of my favorites.

Someday I'm going to go back and finish Ava's Demon, which is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever read. I'd also like to finish Order of the Stick, which is... mostly words these days, but whatever.

I used to check xkcd, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and Junior Scientist Power Hour regularly, but it's been a few years now. I also followed Sandra and Woo around that time before realizing it was maybe not for me.

Speaking of maybe not for me, there was a brief period around 2014-15 when I got really into Always Raining Here, along with another similarly themed webcomic, the title of which I have completely forgotten. It looks like the creators have a new project, Electric Bones, which looks cool.

I've read some tiny bits of Octopus Pie (colored by the aforementioned Valerie Halla) and Gunnerkrigg Court and a few of the MS Paint Adventures comics but they're all so big and intimidating and I don't know if I'll ever actually try to tackle them. Although it looks like Octopus Pie is now doing reruns with author commentary so maybe this is the perfect time.

Any then of course there's the whole trans lesbian furry communist webcomic circle, which is less something I actively follow and more something that's just hard for me to avoid seeing. Some are not so great but there's a few I enjoy. Stuff like Close Your Eyes, Look at the Mountains and Fake Gamer Girl Comics. And Coquette Dragoon, which I've never read but does look interesting, and is the successor to the now-defunct Computer Love comic (which was honestly pretty bad but I still enjoyed). I'm also going to include Always Human in this section, even though I'm pretty sure neither of them are trans. Still need to finish that too.
My favorite webcomic is probably Stand Still, Stay Silent. Gorgeous art and as interesting world, plus 4x a week updates.
Peridot said:
And then of course there's the whole trans lesbian furry communist webcomic circle

i'm interested, but i want to know if it's sfw
Well, sfw or nsfwness is really a thing that has to be evaluated on a case by case basis...

With the exception of Coquette Dragoon, which I think has actual depictions of nudity and sex, I wouldn't call any of the links I posted sexually explicit. But a lot of them do explore all sorts of adult themes and situations. The movie versions would probably be rated PG-13, or possibly R.
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does ctrlaltdel count
sure, it can