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The title is kind of vague, I suppose.
There's a bunch of different kinds of animation on youtube.
A lot of it is from small, independent artists.
I guess this is just a thread for that, then.
I forgot to mention, but animatic channels or stuff like theodd1sout count here as well.
I guess this is more like an "art" youtube thread than an "animation" youtube thread.
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*nervous chuckle*
Absolutely. He's quite good at what he does.
I really enjoyed the cave spider one. The fight scenes were really well choreographed.
(I think. I don't know the first thing about animation.)
I do kinda like chipflake.
I could go on a tangent about certain channels, but I'll save myself the effort.
Been a fan of James Lee for a while now. Maybe a bit edgy in taste but his execution is done so in a way that's fluid and pretty charming in its own sense.

Been meaning to check out Felix Colgrave, too. His music video for Fever the Ghost - SOURCE is a real hook.
I enjoy the comedic stuff from the old Newgrounds artists. I discovered them first on YouTube:
Psychicpebbles, Rice Pirate, Spazzkid and OneyNG. They're usually very crude and disturbing; so not for everyone. The comedic timing and animation is great. They have a lot more stuff on Newgrounds.

Others I enjoy: High5Toons and Bowz.
What about good ole' Sonic Paradox?
is that or is that not my favorite nintendo character from the sony dreamcast

while we're on the topic of video games...

does dorkly count as animation channel?

i've watched them since i was a kid.
If you count sprite "animations" in general as "animation", then yes

also, he actually came from the Nintendo Amiga
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