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The title is kind of vague, I suppose.
There's a bunch of different kinds of animation on youtube.
A lot of it is from small, independent artists.
I guess this is just a thread for that, then.
I forgot to mention, but animatic channels or stuff like theodd1sout count here as well.
I guess this is more like an "art" youtube thread than an "animation" youtube thread.
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*nervous chuckle*
Absolutely. He's quite good at what he does.
I really enjoyed the cave spider one. The fight scenes were really well choreographed.
(I think. I don't know the first thing about animation.)
I do kinda like chipflake.
I could go on a tangent about certain channels, but I'll save myself the effort.
Been a fan of James Lee for a while now. Maybe a bit edgy in taste but his execution is done so in a way that's fluid and pretty charming in its own sense.

Been meaning to check out Felix Colgrave, too. His music video for Fever the Ghost - SOURCE is a real hook.
I enjoy the comedic stuff from the old Newgrounds artists. I discovered them first on YouTube:
Psychicpebbles, Rice Pirate, Spazzkid and OneyNG. They're usually very crude and disturbing; so not for everyone. The comedic timing and animation is great. They have a lot more stuff on Newgrounds.

Others I enjoy: High5Toons and Bowz.
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