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Any Terraria players out there?

I've been playing this game with a friend who's a rusty veteran. I'm hoping to find some experienced players here who can give me some tips. I've been playing in three separate worlds including our multi-player world and an expert mode world with some tougher creatures.

I've gotten as far as clearing out most of the stronghold and killing 6 bosses (Slime King, Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu, World Eater, Hive Queen, and Stronghold Skeleton Thing).
For armor, I've got meteorite stuff.
For weapons, Meteorite Blaster and Enchanted Sword.
For accessories, GPS, Double Jump Bottle, Water Boots merged with Obsidian Skull, Rocket Boots merged with Speed Boots and a Ring of Health Regen.

Now I'm not sure what equipment I should focus on getting or what to do next. The boss in the hell region is a bit too tough for me right now.
My advice, as a former player:

* Farm in the dungeon. Enemies there have a chance to drop golden keys, which are necessary to open the chests. Can't stress how necessary this is. You want to get the Shadow Key and Cobalt Shield definitely, and maybe the sword thing. Everything else is somewhat garbage.
* Break every book in the dungeon. Somewhere in there is the water bolt, which is a good magic weapon of the Wall of Flesh fight. Bounce it off the roof at a near vertical angle to clear the Hungry
* Keep the metiorite gear, as having the space blaster for boss fights with no Mana consumption is a good fallback.
* Farm demons for the rare Demon Sythe book if possible. Also helps in clearing the Hungry because it peirces.
* Build a hellroad over lava lakes and through ash mountains for the fight. Also helps.
* Get a corrupt pickaxe and mine some Hellstone. Getting a Hellstone pickaxe before hard mode definitely helps later down the line.
* Open all the Shadow chests. You want the good stuff they have, especially the fire flower and the flail.
* If you don't have a goblin tinkerer, a demolitionist, or an arms dealer, get them. Reforges, spike balls, grenades, and minishark with silver bullets are must-haves.
* Break as many Shadow orbs or Crimson hearts as possible. Farm one per day for Max metiorites and get the star cannon. Useful for the Wall fight. Vilethorn is useful for the Hungry because of peircing
* Potions. Enough said. Ironskin, Health, and Regen will save your life. Mana flower plus Mana potions also helps.
*Start the Wall fight at either the left or right side of the world to maximize the amount of time you have to fight
* Immediately after getting the pwnhammer, go for the demon altars, but keep the closest one to your base intact. Make sure to get endgame ores spawning.
* Line the hellroad with campfires.
* Get a Hellstone furnace. Period.
*Corruption and hallowed spread as soon as hard mode begins, so if you really want to be an overachiever, contain them by physically digging a diagonal ditch between the hallowed and the centered of the world. Same for corruption. Should make a 'v' shape on your map, but it helps if you don't want to constantly fight.
* If the Wall fight gets too hard, magic mirror home. It kills you, but you keep your coins within spawn.
* Pray for a Clockwork Assault rifle or Laser Rifle when killing the Wall. Breaker blade is useless unless you like melee.
* Take your time and do not rush the clockwork bosses when you get to hard mode. It's essentially the beginning again, so kit yourself out while you have the time

That's what I can think of at the moment. Other stuff will probably come to me.
Craft yourself an Imp Staff out of Hellstone bars and grab a Bewitching Table from the dungeon. There's no downside to using summons, you can continue to use your normal items and play style with the added benefit of having two fireball-hurling imps on your side. Useful as a little boost for events and boss fights and farming and such.

You might also be able to use a single one of the Tavernkeep's sentries in addition to your normal maximum number of summons? But don't quote me on that.
I'll work on the imp staff and the hellstone pickaxe. I've got a few water staves from the fortress.
I have a zombie arm.
So, I got through a lot of hardmode. I'm done with the mechanical bosses and plantera. I have shroomite armor and the megashark gun with ichor and chlorophyte bullets since nothing seems to match it for damage output. I faced off against golem but once he went down to about 1/3 of his health, I lost. I probably could beat him but I'd rather find some of the better accessories first.

I've been grinding for good accessories from the creatures but drop rates are so low for some of the rarer accessories that it becomes too tedious. I was thinking about carving out an arena where I can increase mob spawns to grind for rare drops.

Any advice on prepping for golem and gathering all the rare accessories? Also, I fishing quests are annoying and time consuming but I need some of the better rewards from it. Any advice for getting better fishing rewards?