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Good murder shows, yeah. Forensic Files is great. Don’t marry people with the red flags of someone who’ll kill you. If you commit a murder, you’re almost definitely gonna get caught. Don’t leave fibers around. Don’t let your blood get on anything. Bleach doesn’t help. Cold Case Files is good too, but not as informative. FBI Files is intense.
Leaving blood and fibers around? Amateurs.
Note to self: the high-fibre diet has to go.
I like watching them to point out inaccuracies.
I've been watching a bunch of True Crime Daily on youtube the past couple days. Hoo boy is it hot trash, good for zoning out to though. I'm thinking maybe it was a tv show, then somebody cut up all weird and uploaded it to youtube.
Dude, why is it so good for zoning out to? I mean, the narrators are usually pretty monotoned and they speak slow and softly but still, like, zoning out is what I use it for the most.
You answered your question in 0.069 seconds flat
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