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I mean, the show is fine and I enjoyed it for what it was worth.
But it's not THAT good.

Some of the reasons why:
×Sam and Dean are always fighting for seemingly no reason and it makes me want to bash my head into a wall
×I hate Dean: he's a selfish asshole and a hypocrite (example: getting really mad at Sam for befriending monsters only to turn around and do the same thing and act all righteous about it)
×Sam is only a little better, barely growing throughout the series
×I like Castiel but it feels like the show runners never knew what to do with him
×pretty much all the romantic sub plots were shit
×they kept introducing good characters only to kill them off (Charlie, Benny, Kevin, Meg, etc.)
×at the same time giving us emotional yet satisfying deaths like Bobby's and then NOT LETTING HIM DIE
×and the villians got dumber and dumber every season

They should have ended the show after 5 seasons the way they bad initially planned.

Sorry, went on a bit of a rant there.

That said, feel free to add to my list, dispute my points, or just scream about the show.
I absolutely agree

It seems that you have to raise the stakes every season which almost completely negates the pacing and narrative beats.

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Gabriel coming back after his death in season 5 was one of the worst mistakes made with the show

Crowley was one of my favorite characters because he was a dick but a lovable one. I feel like the writers are constantly writing themselves into a corner.
It's a prime example of a show that outgrew its premise and jumped the shark. I still love the old seasons.
^^^ they dragged it out so long it became mundane
It was just crappy to begin with I watched like 2 seasons and lost interest my husband loves that show and tried very hard to convince me to watch it and I was like nope.
I have nothing against the show, but there are so many seasons. I've watched all 13 seasons over 4 months just for them to come out with 3 more. It gets very confusing, and overall just not worth it. If you care about watching other TV shows, definitely avoid this show.
I have loved the series all these years and have faithfully waited for a new season every autumn. The series is unusual, interesting and, although sometimes frustrating, has always bounced back in the right direction at the end.
The first was the impression of a horror/mystery series. The series was very dark, and one monster was more ferocious and bloodthirsty than the other.
Daliye started to introduce more of a plot, family values, love of father for sons and brothers for father and each other, self-sacrifice, fighting evil for the sake of others, I really liked it, and I just fell in love with the main characters.
From the second season onwards, the series has become exactly how we all love it. Fun, adventurous, with elements of mysticism, sci-fi, a terrific plot and a slight horror atmosphere from time to time, but it just emphasises situations rather than becoming the main one.
And you know, after seasons 8-10 it felt like that was it. Everyone was defeated, the devil was defeated, the apocalypse was stopped, super-uber monsters were slapped down and it seemed there was nowhere else to go, but time after time the scriptwriters found the very plot twist for which they wanted to skip time and see a new season.
And so the final season 15 is over, and there is a feeling of understatement in the soul. Like everything was, all logical and it should be. BUT it feels more like the series creators didn't finish the finale. Until the last few episodes I believed the ending would be awesome and what I got was something twisted out of thin air. Too bad, I won't give it a high score because of the ending.
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