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I've had a bunch of odd commercials pop up with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Japanese drink commercials
(that is here ) I then found another ad with mid80's John Travolta in it. My question is, has anyone found any other weird commercials with celebrities in it. post them here, id love to see them.

P.S. here is the ad that has John in it.
About 20% of vending machines in Japan (and there's like a dozen vending machines on every city block) have Tommy Lee Jones' face on them.
That's nuts! I wonder why? Is the west so influential to the world? probably not. also, why so many vending machines.
Neat that you should mention that! Because here the other day I stumbled upon this gem of a commercial with Bruce Willis in it. (Starring Bruce Willis?) It's wonderfully weird. Propeller-head and talking dog...
why so many vending machines.

  • Most people commute by foot. Streets always have lots of foot traffic.
  • Aside from a rare instance of graffiti there is no vandalism or attempts at theft, and so upkeep is minimal.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, they automatically dispense beverages for free.
  • Why not? Coming back to the US, it now seems weird that there aren't millions of vending machines everywhere. They're incredibly convenient.
After seeing some of the photos of what they sell in vending machines, like soup or pizza , i do wish they were over here in the states. it would be so nice.
Blake said:
- In the event of a natural disaster, they automatically dispense beverages for free.

Wait, so are they government-sponsored vending machines, does the government reimburse the owners for used stock during a natural disaster, or is it just the companies that own them being good sanitarians?
Good sanitarians... Good samaritan. There's something there.
I appreciate your choice of words. Approved.
God damn it. My friends and I started using that to refer to people who properly wear masks, but I guess I've subconsciously started to replace "Samaritan" with "Sanitarian" in my vocabulary in all instances
I approve.
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