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I am seriously bored, and I can't find any good TV series to watch. Can I get some recommendations!
The Good Place is a pretty cool show, but that's also a pretty popular show, so you're probably already aware.

Kings and Generals is a pretty kickass youtube channel if you like military history. They post pretty regularly too. If that's not your cup of tea, Oki's Weird Stories is a fun youtube channel that covers pretty bizarre content. Actually found about that one in the Q/A here.

In regards to movie recommendations, check out the French/Czech film "Fantastic Planet". It's a really neat animated film from the 70s
Yes, I've watched The Good Place! I loved that show!
sweetos said:
I am seriously bored, and I can't find any good TV series to watch. Can I get some recommendations!

i recommend brooklyn 99! again, it's pretty popular so you might've heard of it, but it's so amazing
I love the show "Love" on Netflix. It only got like 3 seasons and at first glance it's a pretty basic romantic comedy that centers around a hetero relationship. However, I think it's a lot more honest and realistic than most romantic comedy shows and movies. They don't like over-glamourize relationships and all the characters feel real. The protags in the relationship are a recovering addict and a repressed nerdy guy, and they explore like highs and lows, fights, cheating, all sorts of stuff.
I'm also a big fan of "The end of the fucking world." It also sort of explores a relationship, but with the central twist of girl likes boy, boy plans to kill girl. It's super oddball, dry comedy. I liked season 1 better than season 2, but they're both good I think.
If you like cartoons, I'm a big fan of both Steven Universe and Adventure Time. Sure, they're kids' cartoons, but they're like shining gems of the last era of Cartoon Network. They each have like 8 seasons and lots of story inside, while both having really simple and short episodes. Steven Universe is all about like love and peace, whereas Adventure Time is more like absurdist nihilism inside a kids' show. Adventure Time is also a bit gay at times and Steven Universe is super gay, which is a plus to me.
If you liked The Good Place, you might want to check out "Upload" on Amazon Prime, if you have access to that. I wouldn't compare it to the Good Place, but it does deal with the concept of the afterlife and I also found it really funny. Greg Daniels is the creator so that's a good TV pedigree, too.
Have you watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Its one of the best TV shows I've ever seen.
Fma is my favorite anime of all time.

Check out Boys over Flowers on Netflix.
I mean it really depends what genre you like. Do you like crime thrillers or surreal comedies or travel documentaries?
Have you watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Its one of the best TV shows I've ever seen.


scott pilgrim vs. the world is criminally overlooked. so stylized, and the fairy fountain scene absolutely blew me away. if just for the rampant video game references, it's a great movie on those merits alone. other than that though it's just straight up fun to watch and it's my favorite movie of all time. highly recommended.
I got done watching the Welsh crime noir Yr Amgueddfa (The Museum) and if anyone's into crime thrillers it's right up there. It's a mystery which gradually unfolds and you don't know what people's agendas are.
Every episode feeds you a new tidbit of what's going on, who people are, and how they know each other.

It's about a woman who's been recently appointed director of the National Museum of Wales, and her life starts to unravel when she begins an affair with a mysterious younger man. But he lives alone in a big house he couldn't possibly afford, because he's an art student who volunteers in a charity shop. One day someone donates a vase that she recognises as nationally significant.
1. The Sopranos
2. The Wire
3. Breaking Bad
4. Law & Order ( any spinoff is great)
5. Game of thrones
6. Euphoria
7. Sparticus
8.Scrubs and Gray’s anatomy
9. Rick and Morty and/ or Adventure Time
10. School days (anime)
Have you seen the trailer for No Sudden Move on HBO? The cast is incredible.
I cant say that i have. Whats it about?
It appears to be a heist gone wrong kind of thing by the trailer. Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro appear to be the leads.
I love Don Cheadle. He’s a great actor. I still remember him in rush hour as the black owner of the Chinese restaurant and lets not forget his roles in Ocean’s 11,12, and 13.
rewatching the truman show and i’m getting chills it’s so good
Sometimes i feel like thats my life. But really its just me being a narcissist lol
The Chinese restaurant in Crenshaw.
Don Cheadle has gotta be one of my favorite actors from the Oceans series
i liked the part when neo activated god mode at the end of the matrix
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
oh also spoilers warning i guess
my english teacher recommended big hero 6 because he said it was hero's journey and stuff and i watched it and it was alright i guess
Big Hero 6 was great.
I would agree with that
Yeah, quite a good movie.
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