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I've been listening to the entire discography of MGMT (formerly the Management) and I love a lot of the stuff they've put out. I want to discover music in a similar style to theirs but Spotify isn't helping much. Anyone know of any good bands that fit the experimental alternative genre?
I would suggest The Psychedelic Furs, Tame Impala, Beach House, Two Door Cinema Club, St. Lucia, Passion Pit, Foster The People, Low Hum, IDKhow, Smallpools, and M83 if you don't already listen to any of those
I’ve listened to Tame impala, TDCC and M83 but I’ll give the others a listen. cheers
I love MGMT! Little Dark Age is my favorite, but there's good shit in every album.
I'd also recommend Animal Collective and/or Panda Bear, Perfume Genius, The Voidz, Jack Stauber.
It might also be worthwhile to look into their influences like Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, and The Flaming Lips.
Little Dark Age is excellent, but I love the sound of Congratulations just a bit more. Thanks for all the suggestion, I’m listening to everything incognito girl suggested right now. Cheers
Nice to see MGMT still getting love from the younger crowd. Great band.