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does anybody listen to travis scott????
i like travis scott!!!!!
his album astroworld is pretty good!!!!!
dababy is good too but travis scott is gooder!!!!!!!
travis scott even got nominated for a grammy!!!!!!!
isn't he that one guy who's the spokesperson for mcdonalds?

but in all seriousness i don't like him for one reason alone, that reason being in 8th grade i moved to a different county for a single school year and every single bus ride there would be kids in the back with bluetooth speakers blasting mo bamba and sicko mode at max volume. it didn't help that for the entire freaking year they played only those two songs. it made me hella slick sick of rap music for the entire year after that. not only was it monotonous, it was loud as well. but for sure if you didn't have to endure sicko mode every day for an entire school year at max volume i'm sure there's a lot of merit in it.
Yeah i listen to travis scott he has some slappers. I only listen to him when I'm under the influence of drugs tho.
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