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what final gauntlet in a video game stuck out to you the most?
a recent example is soleca station from dadish 2. the entire game is pretty down to earth, but the final world sees you travelling to space, traversing a massive space station with some of the hardest-hitting final level music of any game i've played recently. the whole aesthetic leading up to it is just amazing to me. it speaks to me on a level i can't really describe with a charm that has only since appeared to me in pixelart 2d platforming mobile games.

some lesser examples include the ark/mementos from persona 5 and the escape sequence from splatoon 2's dlc which i really liked

edit: honorable mentions go to the forested temple from ff7, and the stone tower temple from mm.

in retrospect, nerding out about a moment from a game i played probably didn't warrant its own thread. also i used the phrase "down to earth" wrong
I recently almost beat Ghostrunner and the final boss stuck out to me. The whole game focuses on a very “move or die” dynamic where you’re constantly running around trying to get the jump on your enemies. But for the final boss they stuck you in a tiny arena with repetitive combat that is difficult to understand what you should be doing. It’s such a shame because I loved the rest of the game but literally could not beat it because I’m not patient enough for the final boss. Like it feels they just completely disregarded everything that worked.
The final level of Titanfall 2 is really interesting as well. I'll be spoiling a lot of the game (including plot and game mechanics) so please, if you would like to play the game, go play it first. It is a fantastic game with a short but excellent campaign. It being short just shows that they didn't want to pad it out with boring filler.

The start of the final level sees the titan (who goes by BT) that you have been with throughout most of the game destroyed while trying to protect you from the main antagonists of Titanfall 2, the Apex Predators. You end up taking BT's datacore, which is essentially his brain, and an emergency survival kit. This emergency survival kit has a gun called the smart pistol, which locks on to enemy heads automatically. After giving you this weapon, it puts you in an run n' gun sequence where it is much easier to keep moving due to the smart pistol. The sequence isn't really hard, but I think it's meant to be easy. It is supposed to be a release of emotion after BT's "death".

You eventually make it to an empty spot just outside the enemy compound. There you call down another titan, expecting to have to get used to using a completely different titan with a different voice. But something is missing. The new titan doesn't have a data core, and so you put BT's datacore in the slot. And suddenly now you have BT back. So after talking to him for a little bit, you can hop back in to pilot BT once more. But this time BT has an enormous minigun. And this minigun has an ability called smart core, which acts similar to the smart pistol but this time with a giant titan-sized minigun. It's at this point you begin to realized that this final level is meant to be a power trip. You get 2 guns, one for you and one for your titan that essentially have an aimbot and tons of enemy titans and grunts to shoot with said guns. You are encouraged to start playing extremely bold, even if up to this point you may have been playing a lot more safely, especially on harder difficulties. This little power up is one of the most satisfying things I have ever had. And the satisfaction is amped up by BT's death and revival.

The level goes on for a while longer and the ending is fantastic, but I will leave that to anyone who wishes to play it. It is extremely cheap for a full triple A game, and what I just talked about is only the tip of the iceberg. There is still the rest of the excellent campaign, and an entire multiplayer to explore.
Everything about Spec Ops: The Line is wild and dreary at the same time, and sort of builds that throughout, but the ending is especially wild.

The ending of Inside is unforgettable.

All of Thomas Brush's games are great with great endings. I think Coma takes it as my favorite, though Pinstripe is also great.

I was so frustrated with the boss battle sequence at the end of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door at first. I couldn't beat it the first game that I played. But it is so amazing now for what it is. Just like how they finished the story was great and the like strategy you have to have to actually win is awesome I think.
The final level of Titanfall 2 is really interesting as well.

The end is such an emotional rollercoaster. Watching BT die and barely escaping with your life thanks to the eye core thing made me so fucking sad. Felt like I lost a friend. Then the elation of calling in the new chassis but keeping the same old BT and ripping through enemies. By far my favorite game ending.
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