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added a bit more, but I'd like to hear mathy's thoughts on it
There's an odd bit of dissonance in bar 68, but today's really busy so I won't be able to change anything much in the song.

Here's the small modification. A loud chord may make sense if we had a stronger cadence, but it seems jarring for what it's worth right now. The end also feels four bars too short before that chord, for some reason.
I agree. I think it's because everything before that came in pairs of two or three four-bar sections (see also: your analysis of the patterns we fell into), and this is only a single four-bar section before the final chord.
On the other hand, adding another four-bar section might just lead into even more song (not that that's a bad thing, of course)
reharmonized and extended the outro

edit: apparently you can automate tempo so I did that

final edit: I keep forgetting about things I meant to add. This is the last one though. Promise.
Love the additions.

I tried to smooth out the last few dissonances and balance the tempo/reverb at the end. If we all agree about this stopping point, I think we've composed a complete song!
I was thinking that maybe the ritardando should be shifted one bar earlier. Other than that, I think we might be done!
oh, seems like my changes didn't make it into your version. I added the ritardando earlier, but tell me what you think of the pitch edits I made.

Merged changes.
oops, I had both versions open at once. Must have edited the wrong one. I like the pitch modifications. I think I didn't at first, but that's just because I had the previous ones stuck in my head so I was resisting change.
oh my god that ending is sick.
I added some background triplets in the break before/during the triplet melody.
the song itself is done, i think the only thing to do is to keep laying small elements that you dont notice are there but you notice when their not.
changed my original bassline sound
started somethign with channel 8 #1 but i gtg now

edit: i no longer have to go
You mind if I change the bassline instrument back? I think I preferred the old one
ive been busy channel 9 and 10
edit ninjad

yes u can do that but I find it was too harsh so maybe low pass it? to make it more of a bass
I was just thinking that the new one feels kind of overpowering
ok wait try lowering the filter peak instead of changing the sound
turned down that and the filter cut too
Also I've gotten to the part with tracks 8 and 9 and I'm not sure how I feel about them
yes i like that

i wanna start adding little background elements in all of the quiet parts. Btw what did you think of what I have added so far?

edit ninjad smh i take too long to type
I feel like they definitely need some adjustment but they're a good start.
melody writing is not my finest aspect maybe u could fix 9 and 10?
also what do you think about 8?
Can't rn bc I have to sleep but later, unless mathy or someone else gets there first.

(edit bc ninjad: 8 seems like it could go either way; could be good or bad)
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