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Edited 8, 9, and 10, and fixed a dissonant note near the end.
the link doesnt work
Fixed the link.
oh my god it sounds horrible on my school chromebook, since its very limited processing power cant even handle 10 channels
Haha, mine struggles to play it. Lags whenever I change channels.
i cant add/change anything this period
next class i can work on it.
edit: screenshot deleted because it doxxed me
It works perfectly fine for me. Odd.

Here it is again, I guess.
ok that works

also i deleted the skreenshot bc it doxed my name
Couldn't view it anyways.
oh lmao

i cant work on it until later we are doing something diff in lang arts
changed some stuff
turned down tracks 9 and 10 because I realized that they were really overpowering track 6
Came back to check on it. You guys got so far. It’s so Perfect!
I am no longer able to work on it at school because A) it is too much for my crappy chromebook CPU to handle and B) everyone yells at me when i play it
It feels like it's probably about done anyway.
yeah i guess. it was really fun tho
oh i forgot i made that discord server i have not done anything there
yeah we can move forward with future projects there, perhaps.
It was beautiful. I hope y'all continue to make and post music.
Quite the ride. Would be great to do more project with you all in the future.
Does anyone else here have a username that only contains the letters A-G? Perhaps we could make one from someone else's username
Here's something for it all.
sorry not sorry for destroying the song
I think you've got a knack for interesting rhythms, but you might want to learn about chord progressions next. It's a cool beat, but it doesn't mesh with what's there. Remixes are great, but if you're changing the chords that go into your melody, the harmony should respond accordingly.

Keep at it! I've done what I wanted with this project, and if you want to give it a whirl, I think you've got a great start here.
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