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I made a slight tweak, fixing one not on yellow 6 that was bugging me
made a high quality rip of upgx's original score

and another one

this is too much fun. made another one.

ahahaha no seriously i'm having dangerous amounts of fun doing this

jk i used the aprzn version

madeline moment
o also i made the song longer

long song
my highest quality rip yet

better version
another self proclaimed banger high quality rip of upgx's extended track
maybe i should make another track
starlightzone arrangement and used oscilloscope and sheet music on musescore for help transcribing
upgx demo track (ost version)
Is it just me or does a JoJo x Pokemon remix seem like my theme?
should i do one?
If you want to do it
i need to go to sleep right now, sorry :/

maybe tomorrow.
upgx demo track (alpha mix)
oh god...
i'm so... so alone...
oh god...
i'm so...

another one

and its kinda ass ngl
music to my ears, upgx

well done
i wonder if ap music theory will help me with making music
As someone who has a lot of experience teaching music theory, I will say it probably won't, but it certainly might.
this is just the appetizer
this rip is stronger... ;)
when do I get my theme?
i suck at remixing i couldn't do it 😭
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