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After running into someone in the answer section, I came up with a good thread idea. I want to start a thread talking about villains in books, movies, comics, video games, etc. I want to know why you like a particular villain and why. What makes them tick in your opinion? Break them down in your own perception. I love talking about moral compasses and values of villains. Whether they are just an entity of chaos or a next in line Thanos. We always talk about how heroes are great, but lets give our villains some love too.
i have a lot of favorite villains but here are the few i came up with (not a comprehensive list)

sephiroth because hes badass

ken because i can relate

infinite because hes so edgy
Sephiroth is definitely a complex character a lot of people over look. I feel super bad for his upbringing and how his life unfolded. To be made a tool of destruction and lied to his whole life to only find out what he is and that his mother was a specimen to be kept alive and essentially tormented. He is definitely in my top 5.

I don't know much about the others. What source are they from in particular?
i love goro akechi's character and how he was written in both games, even if a lot of people disagree

though it's arguable if he was even a villain at all, or more of a rival
Sephiroth is definitely a complex character a lot of people over look.
I don't know much about the others. What source are they from in particular?

i dunno man that fight scene in ff7: ac was heckin wicked

ken is the guy from bee movie that tried to kill barry

infinite is the guy from sonic forces that got called ugly and weak by shadow so he committed genocide against the entire world
Okay so I would like to know more about goro akechi first. That sounds interesting. Why is he considered not a villain?

Ken from the bee movie.... well its from the bee movie, so its scary enough.

Infinite sounds like a unstable agent of chaos. lol Care to explain the ugly situation a bit more?
well i mostly like sephiroth because of how iconic he is as a villain
spoiler warning for persona 5
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.

goro akechi was basically always designed to be the opposing force to the main character in persona 5. literally the dictionary definition of an antagonist. i like him because he betrays your party at the end of the 6th palace but redeems himself by sacrificing himself to save your party in the 7th. his motivations change wildly over the course of the story but the player can always respect him for sticking to his sense of justice. (that is his arcana, after all) hes definitely the most interesting of the phantom thieves, at least in my opinion. he states he regrets he was never able to be friends with the protagonist, and given his harsh upbringing they do have a lot in common as individuals. the difference between the protagonist and akechi being akechi never had anyone.
To be honest, Syndrome kinda had a point.
i edited my above post btw

i kinda really hate syndrome

so i guess the writers succeeded in making a hateable villain

in the shadow dlc to sonic forces we get the origin story of infinite. he was originally a mercenary with a great ego but was defeated by shadow prior to the events of the game. shadow kinda degraded him so infinite just up and went on a rampage

yup sonic forces was a fantastically writing. 10/10 writing

also it was confirmed sonic was literally tortured for months

this was a pain to write on mobile

edit: justin roiland is sick at writing twist villains btw
between rick and morty and solar opposites he did a great job

i generally enjoy villains with multiple layers and deeper motivations under the surface
wrath from fma brotherhood as a prime example

also one of the best villains of all time
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
and also my waifu for laifu, monika from ddlc
Samsung23 said:
To be honest, Syndrome kinda had a point.

Syndrome really is a mood all his own. I was pretty messed up watching him die the first time.
*in cowboy accent* "Oh, this is just too good!"
Unsurprisingly, I’ve never heard of any of these villains.
Got FFVII for my 11th B-Day in 97. My favorite video game still. And Sephiroth is great.
Whats it like being over 30?
Damn. I dread the day i turn 30
I’m gonna be half of 30 in December.
I just finished the Castlevania series on netflix and I just have to say that Dracula's story in that is so sad. I will give him a rank A-. I feel like there could of been more material and back story, but for how they depicted him, he is amazingly done. I felt sad, sympathetic but yet wanting to tell him no don't do the deed. and the ending... just owwie. My heart.
Got FFVII for my 11th B-Day in 97. My favorite video game still. And Sephiroth is great.

What's your opinion on the remake?
Was pretty good. Bit bloated. Too much fighting for my taste.
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