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This week's suggestion is the crime thriller No Sudden Move, which just premiered on HBO MAX. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour, Jon Hamm, Amy Seimetz, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin and Ray Liotta. Del Toro is one of my top 5 favorite actors ever. At this point, Soderbergh could probably direct a passable heist movie in his sleep, but this is much better than passable. Great dialogue, great production design and all together very good movie.

4/5 J-Stars
scott pilgrim vs the world is a good movie if you read the comics, or like video games, or indie rock. the one scene where he punches matthew patel irritates me he doesn't lean into the punch which drastically reduces its power and you run the risk of throwing your back if you punch with that posture

edit: also punching in the air is very unrealistic you need leverage to get good force in a punch and in the air, no such leverage exists. your punches will be very, very weak.
Scott is not a trained fighter, he is a skinny loser nerd. Also people explode into showers of coins when they die and someone punches someone else so good the highlights come out of their hair. I would not say that movie is grounded in realistic physics. It follows Rule of Cool.
Little known fact, human flesh turns into legal tender if it takes enough damage. Just the other day I stubbed my toe and screamed in agony as I watched it disintegrate into a bunch of coins. The worst part was they were all Chuck E Cheez tokens too, so I couldn't even cash them in for anything.

Something costing an arm and a leg can be taken quite literally; there's a specific amount of coinage each each one converts to if you chop them off. If you're interested in finding out exactly how much, it's shouldn't be hard so long as you all keep your chainsaws close by.

And does that come from any movie?
Its from Steel Magnolias.
Eric-616 said:
...The worst part was they were all Chuck E Cheez tokens too, so I couldn't even cash them in for anything.

No, you could sell them to little children behind your local Chuck-E-Cheese for a profit.
But they don't exist anymore. They're out of business
Charles Entertainment Cheese is still in biness
Yeah, somehow they survived the pandemic. I wished they wouldn't have.
eighth grade is an absolute banger of a movie to watch in eighth grade (which i shouldve done) but you can watch it if youre older too. its most relevant now and will become dated really quickly. it stars the voice of agnes from despicable me. its immensely impressive just how accurately the director of the movie manages to capture what its like to actually be an eighth grader. scarily relatable. youll see if you watch it.
i saw a scene from surf's up when i was in fifth grade a guidance counselor came over and explained like having patience or whatever to us and showed us the scene where cody makes his board

and like i watched the full movie some years ago on an airplane ride

and i'm rewatching it now because i need something to distract me from the anxieties of everyday life

it's actually pretty good. not at all bogged down by being a "kids movie" or animated.

it has a neat concept and is fun to watch at least. i have more to say about it but i'm tired and would rather just go to sleep. good night!~1
watched the first two episodes of sao abridged since i wanted to rewatch sao but decided that would be too tedious so decided to just watch the abridged version instead

so far it is ungood and does not live up to the hype
You still haven't watched Blazing Saddles and I am (not seriously) judging you for that.
admittedly episode 3 got a chuckle out of me but god i cannot stand abridged kirito's voice

also the op is starting to grow on me


asuna's va needs to get a less shitty mic
watched death of a salesman in the second to last week of theatre class last year

it was sad
What happened?
Coldfrost said:
You still haven't watched Blazing Saddles and I am (not seriously) judging you for that.

aight just now finished it
it's the first western i've seen. the fourth wall break near the end was a bit hard to follow but i mean some of the jokes landed and some of them didn't. it feels somewhat ahead of its time to me. those are my thoughts.
What happened?

the guy was delusional and killed himself so his sons could use his life insurance money for a business venture except the whole thing was 10x more tragic

edit: but honestly even with those details leaked it's still totally a great film and i recommend checking it out if you haven't
rewatching pixels from 2015

egregious product placements

patently unfunny

bad movie
gravity falls is a good show

one of my favorite episodes is season 2 episode 5

it is ddlc and fnaf
I don't really like that one, the one I do like is Weirdmageddon, Part 1
wotfi peaked at 2018

the latest one takes itself wayyyyy too seriously for what it is

edit: i just don't enjoy when members of the main cast die in smg4. not because i'm emotionally attached to them or anything it just juxtaposes very poorly with the smg4 universe in my opinion
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