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So season one is done

What are all of your thoughts on it so far?

There are spoilers beyond this point

Mods, can you change the title to let everyone know that there are some?
Considering the finale was today, maybe hold off?
I had no clue that was the finale.
There's a mid cred scene. I just watched.
The teaser for season 2?

IDK what else you're talking about otherwise TIF
That was for ebag
I found the entire season to be rather underwhelming.
I liked it.
Same here, the build up between 4-5 nearly killed me
I think I liked episode 4 the most. The finale just seemed like any other episode, and I expected a lot of the twists.
I liked 2 the most.
I appreciate there being a lot of subtle references to really obscure old comics. And the music in episode 5 is 👨‍🍳😘🤌
Richard Grant was great.
It just feels like they don't know how to pace TV shows, which would make sense except WandaVision was fine. I found the show disappointingly straightforward. I figured with Loki there would be a lot of twists and turns but the big reveal at the end was that the TVA was actually doing exactly what it said it was doing except for some reason pretending to be some robots (though there's no reason for that that I saw). And the Loki and Sylvie fight was literally just a fight they were having rather than some elaborate ploy, which I had hoped it was. Neither of them had anything up their sleeve except what they literally stated out loud.
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