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I want to get a playlist of about 1-2 songs from each user

Let's see what you got

The Playlist

Current Songs:

Sono Chi no Sadame- Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga
Bad Piggies Theme-Ilmari Hakkola
Piano Man-Billy Joel
Forest of Hope- Pikmin
Four Years Gone- Sleepaways
Two Trucks- Lemon Demon
The Muzzle Facing(Long Muzzled Version)- Camellia
Epilogue- Creo
Monster- Bassetfilms
Gospel- Mike Geno
Wave of Mutulation- The Pixies
Last Christmas(park loudspeaker edition)- Wham!
Out of control- Kenna
Let Me Feel Low- Cavetown ft Miloe
Cool and Refreshing- Florist
How to Disappear Completely- Radiohead
Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley
Memento Mori- Will Wood
All Star- Smash Mouth
Revenge- CaptainSparklez
Shooting Stars- Bag Raiders
Escape in Someone Else- KurmisTheFrog
Social Reject- Sleepaways
Ilmari Hakkola - Bad Piggies Theme
Billy Joel - Piano Man
forest of hope - pikmin ost
four years gone - sleepaways
two trucks - lemon demon
camellia - the muzzle facing (long muzzled version)
camellia - 1f1e33 (#00102g version)
whichever one you like better

second song I want to be creo - epilogue
Is there a theme?

I've done this for seven years, heres the result.
This is a good project.
Monster - Bassetfilms

Gospel - Mike Geno
that is awesome chotano
The Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
Wham! - Last Christmas (loudspeaker in park)
Kenna - Out of Control (State of Emotion)

I see someone got into fnf.
that is awesome chotano

Thank you.

I see someone got into fnf.

Guilty as charged.
gws said:
Is there a theme?

No there is not, just whatever songs you want

Ex: I have anime openings and Chotano has fnf music

I've done this for seven years, heres the result.

Additionally, there are two existing spotify playlists: One, Two

The original one hasn't had anything added since 2013 tho which is kind of funny. And the other one you need to message a certain user, and it's also themed to the sky.

Let Me Feel Low by Cavetown Ft Miloe
Cool and Refreshing by Florist
How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead
Added those three songs

I also added Never Gonna Give You Up cause someone might inevitably add it
You really have that little faith in us? What is this Q&A?
Memento Mori by Will Wood.
All Star by Smash Mouth. (Gotta get the meme songs out of the way)
Well then if we're getting the meme stuff out of the way

Adding Revenge- CaptainSparklez
and don't forget shooting stars - bag raiders
Self plug
i kinda wanna change my song from four years gone to social reject
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