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dkc and pokemon have some really great ones

forest interlude, stickerbush symphony, and aquatic ambience stand out, though.
david wise had to compose that last track in binary btw. huge flex and also ethereally ascendent track.
A good soundtrack has to be Undertale's
ur right lmao
<Obligatory Celeste mention goes here>
b side golden and hotel plus a side reflection are my favorite tracks from that game

in undertale, fallen down reprise is probably my favorite
Fez probably has maybe my favorite soundtrack. Just fits the atmosphere well and songs are engaging and sometimes synced to the map: sample (Spirit)
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is also up there. Every Paper Mario game has a great soundtrack, but ttyd has the nostalgia factor that puts it over the edge for me. But it's also just fun and catchy and unique and really builds the momentum of the story: sample (Rogueport Sewers) (honerable mention to Autumn Woods from Oragami King)
Hades is so obviously killer it goes without saying, but imma say it anyways. If you haven't played Hades yet, everything about it is good, but the soundtrack is also next level. sample (Good Riddance)
Every Halo soundtrack is amazing and nostalgic to me, but Reach is at the prime for me. It has a good range of more epic moments and more subdued moments. But I'm also biased bc Reach was my favorite: sample (Overture) (honorable mention to Deferance for Darkness from ODST)
The nostalgia/quality ratio here is probably not up to par, but I absolutely loved the SSX 3 soundtrack when I was a kid: sample (Go)
b side golden and hotel plus a side reflection are my favorite tracks from that game

Honestly, golden ridge b side was always my least favorite track, haha. My favorite is probably either Farewell or Reflection.
How has no one mentioned halo?
Did you not read Kurmis's post?
Not all the way through
i agree with chuggaconroy in that battlerock galaxy's theme (dreadnought galaxy's as well) is one of the best galaxy themes in the game, though my personal favorite has always been good egg galaxy (or egg galaxy)

if only nintendo cared about their games now as they did 15 years ago
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