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fanfiction counts as a kind of book, right?

this is for posting your thoughts and opinions on the fanfiction you're reading!

amazing that i didn't think of this sooner this is the perfect thread to post all my thoughts on fanfiction in this is gonna be great

i can give recommendations too, though i doubt you guys'd be interested

edit: wait a minute have i made this thread before
After 2 searches:
No, there doesn't seem to be an alive thread about fanfiction, and you haven't created this thread before.

Anyway: For the fanfic writers, does anyone else overengineer the canon world? Like, it's a base, and a bouncing off point, and the results are the same as in canon, but everything not-canon is entirely your own interpretation.
...I'm guilty of doing that for at least 1 fandom, multiple times.
So creating an unbranched timeline?
isnt that just the sacred timeline
...Okay, sorry, what's the unbranched/sacred timeline?
Watch Loki on Disney+
it has been 4 years since the first fanfiction i really liked has been updated

i even made one of my first tcas questions ever asking when he would update the story again


i have reread it a few times since, and it has gotten worse with every passing reread

still holds sentimental value to me, though
Because of my adhd, it makes it hard to start reading a long multi-chaptered story. I haven't been able to read on in years until recently when I found this osmosis jones fanfic called Poison. I've been obsessed with it and recently finished it. 24 chapters. I'm friends with the author now and have drawn so much fanart of their ocs from the story. Might be a bit cringe to some but its made me so happy recently. Biggest hyperfixation rn
Frosty's 10 Favorite Fanfictions Of All Time*
*restricting myself to one per fandom and in alphabetical order because I could not bring myself to rank them
I read a lot. I write a lot. I have engaged in many, many fandoms. Here, benefit from my experience:
I cannot guarantee that you will like any of these. The only thing I can say about all of these fics is that they are well-written. Some are only a few thousand words long. Some are 620,000 words long. Some are very sweet, some are dark. But I could spend the afternoon re-reading any one of these.
And before you all get on me about shipping, this is all (for the most part), gen fic.

Aurora Borealis - Pacific Rim - Complete
A look into the glory of the golden age of the Jager program and a look into what exactly drift compatibility is and what it's like to pilot a Jager. Oodles of likeable original characters, plenty of angst, plenty of fluff, and a good dose of humor to boot. I really love fics like this that take all of the scraps the original authors left behind and get to worldbuildin'. 166,000 words to start and plenty of other material floating around.

Culstuck! - Homestuck - Complete
Idk what to tell you. It's the Homestuck trolls. It both somehow stays true to their characterization and also makes me want only the best for them. Ultimately optimistic. Great narration. Interesting premise that makes me want MORE.

Fallout: Equestria - My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic/Fallout - Complete
It's long. Boy howdy is it long. 620,000 words long, in fact. And it's dark. Sometimes almost unbearably so. But it has its catharsis, and it is incredibly well-written and engaging. You may think it's impossible to combine the worlds of the colorful, sugar-and-friendship world of My Little Pony with the gritty irradiated wastes of Fallout, but you would be wrong!
If my recommendation is not enough for you, here are some facts: This fanfiction is a published book. (Actually several books.) This fanfiction has other fanfic written about it. This fanfiction has its own Wikipedia article.

it feels more like a memory - Hamilton - On Hiatus
Historical accuracy? Check. Compelling characters? Check. Seers? Check. Peggy Sue, but not the same thing as the Seer thing? Check.
This author looked at the dramatic irony dripping off of Hamilton's narrator Aaron Burr and thought, "Hm, what if I wrote it so he did actually know what was going to happen? And then I wrote it six more times?"
It's on fairly permanent hiatus right now, but what's up is definitely worth the read. Only 200,000 words! :D

It's Gonna Rain - Destiny - Complete
Not technically cannon compliant (though you can't blame them, this was written before the details it contradicts were clarified). I'm crying so hard I don't care. This author takes a character (and a character dynamic) not even directly mentioned in the video game (at the time), then makes me grin, frown, smile uneasily, and then tear up, in that order. The prose is beautiful and evocative. It's not even 10,000 words, it has no right to be as good as it is.

Miles to Go - Red vs. Blue - 2/3 Complete, 1/3 on Hiatus
A deep dive into Agent Washington that makes him earn his character development. Heavy on the angst, but it doesn't wallow in it. A fic about the slow, imperceptible changes that build up a better future.

Reprise - Star Wars - 4/5 Complete, 1/5 In Progress
You know I love me a good Peggy Sue fic. Wonderful character interactions, plenty of hurt and comfort in turn, and an intriguing plot. Has a twist on the classic Peggy Sue formula and really digs into the complications that arise when you try to change the future. Has some wonderful original characters and lends focus to some often-unrepresented cannon characters as well.

The Things We Must Do - Young Justice - Complete
It's a good fic. I probably only like it as much as I do because it focuses on my favorite Young Justice character, Blue Beetle, with a tertiary focus on my second favorite Young Justice character, Kid Flash. And, to be honest, I needed a tenth fic and I caught myself halfway through the third chapter after looking up the link. It's fun and it's only like 25,000 words, so...

The Victors Project - The Hunger Games - Complete
A series of one-shots that does a great job fleshing out the world and history of Panem. Without much of an overarching plot, though several of the characters are reoccurring. The author does a good job at framing each chapter differently. Things never get stale.

to the bottom of the river - Yuri!! On Ice - Complete (?)
Listen, maybe it's cheating to use the same author twice, but this author has a knack for finding a really neat twist or AU element that allows for interesting exploration of the characters without taking them or the plot out of context. This time: selling your soul to demons! But with gay ice skaters. (Because, let's face it, the gay ice skaters are the reason we're all here.) Technically only has 10/11 chapters but I feel it's really well resolved where it is now.
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