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I don't think it's that uncommon for people to grind out a lot of work to a soundtrack, album, or playlist of theirs. Whether it's homework, writing, drawing, programming, your job, or something else, I'm interested: What do you put on when you grind out some work?

For instance, my playlist is generally a hybrid classic rock (Mostly 80's and 90's, some late 60's thrown in too) and video game soundtracks. Mostly because those have a consistently fast baseline I can grove too and get my energy up with. I also have a seperate playlist specifically of the fastest-paced songs in my library, specifically when I need to grind something out quickly (or if I just want to pep myself up even more).
A little deltarune, a little earthbound, and the rest is stuff by Joe Hawley.
you mean bassline?

ive been doing homework to exclusively octo lofi for the first quarter and choose your seeds neon mixtape tour for the second
This is what I usually listen to

Also acky, what songs are in your Deltarune section, I want to see if I can help improve it a little
My playlist actually comes together in my YT downloads after a long period of time. It consists of the short musical videos that the algorithm gifts to me, they remain there all in a row after I get through and delete the multi-hour content I use to get through work.
When I work, it's usually ASMR or some other form of white noise. I find that I get too caught up in music, and having some noise to act as a buffer for the chaos going in my head tends to work better.
I typically layer some music on top of a sound generator.
I usually cycle between binaural beats (16hz beta), train/railroad sounds, rainfall, and a few others I can't recall atm.

I keep around a dedicated playlist of lyricless 100something bpm EDM music and instrumentals since those engage my attention without imposing too many distractions. Jazz works too.
I have this one playlist with a bunch of pop and indie songs from loads of different artists that I usually listen to. I regularly add songs in there as well. I have another playlist with a mix of undertale and deltarune music, that I listen to sometimes when I'm not in the mood for the other playlist
Mostly game soundtracks and the songs from the FitnessGram Pacer Test.
90's d&b. YouTube finds plenty for me, and it's the easiest to think along to while still being jammin'.
tonight I decided to try out entire Mozart operas
Often I listen to Agalloch
The Happy Fits What Could Be Better album and the first three songs from their album Concentrate

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