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Forgive me if this thread already exists. I looked and couldn't find one so..
I really like this show
Ah, I remember back when this came out.

Lovely bit of surrealist horror. I should probably rewatch it at some point. Did they ever get around to releasing that city-based one?

Edit: after checking Wakey Wakey, seems like there's 6 episodes of a TV show that will get released sometime in the near future. This information was from a comment made roughly 3 weeks ago, so that should be really cool to see!
whats your favorite idea? mine is being creative!
green is not a creative color <color value
  • = was expected
The series' overall plot thread is a lesson in analyzing minor details in order to construct a narrative. When it initially aired, I was a big fan of that component of the show.

The Adult Swim/This House Has No People In It pieces really made me fall in love with them.
The show came out now. Didn't watch it though and don't really plan on it. I think cause its all over my tiktok fyp
agreed. i see so much about it on social media already. if i was still 12 and mindblowingly terrified of the original, i might check it out, but as it stands i'm kinda uninterested
I might have to check it out at some point.
I really enjoyed the new show, it was nice to see the characters have a bit more personality and experience the kooky world they're in. The only thing that is annoying me is now my yt homepage is flooded with edits I do not care for.
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