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Forgive me if this thread already exists. I looked and couldn't find one so..
I really like this show
Ah, I remember back when this came out.

Lovely bit of surrealist horror. I should probably rewatch it at some point. Did they ever get around to releasing that city-based one?

Edit: after checking Wakey Wakey, seems like there's 6 episodes of a TV show that will get released sometime in the near future. This information was from a comment made roughly 3 weeks ago, so that should be really cool to see!
whats your favorite idea? mine is being creative!
green is not a creative color <color value
  • = was expected
The series' overall plot thread is a lesson in analyzing minor details in order to construct a narrative. When it initially aired, I was a big fan of that component of the show.

The Adult Swim/This House Has No People In It pieces really made me fall in love with them.
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