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So, it looks like there have been threads like this from a long, long time ago, but I thought I'd make a new one. Idk, playlists are maybe more of a thing now than when those threads were made. There have been burn CD's and mixtapes for some time, but now Spotify is all about playlists, YouTube has playlists, as do all sorts of streaming platforms. What are some of your playlists? Feel free to share here. You can link them, or even just write out a list of songs you play together. One addendum: This is meant for playlists made by You or something else that's Not Just the Original Album.

Here are a few of mine:
new playlist - These are songs that are new to me. My current rotation, if you will.
Local MN - As the name suggests, music from Minnesota. Some good friends on here as well as more major acts
folk-punk maybe - Folk-punk and folk-punk adjacent music. Some less folk-punky songs by folk-punk bands and some folk-punky songs by not so folk-punk bands
this is a cool thread. I'll probably be looking at everyone else's playlists but I wont link mine because I'm gonna be embarrassed
I might link my real playlist later, when I have my other device on me, but for now I'll just say that my usual listening habits consist of everything by Primus on loop.
my main playlist that consists of mostly scream rap and trap metal
rock and indie playlist that i listen to when im tired of my main playlist

theres more but i cant be bothered to link them
um there's this playlist that is a bunch of songs that I got from tiktok that I like
and also this that mainly consists of the undertale + deltarune soundtrack from when I was obsessed
please dont comment on it I'm embarrassed
Hm, let's see...
Here is a playlist for when I want to get into them weird timey wimey vibes for writing weird timey wimey shit.
And here is my playlist for sea shanty and sea shanty-adjacent songs.
There's a shanty by the Decemberists that I like.
That's not a sea shanty >:(
It's not really sea shanty-adjacent imo. The sea/ship-related themes are just a framing device and structurally it is not shantylike.
There are songs not structured like shanties on this list (Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, The Mary Ellen Carter) but carry distinctly sea-travel (or lake-travel in an instance) themes. There are songs that are shanty-structured but do not deal with sea-travel themes (Chemical Worker's Song).
Not that I dislike that song in particular but I will Die On The Hill that it does not belong with the Shanties.
Okie dokie
Would I be corrupting The Youth of this website if I shared my drug playlists?
I've mostly moved away from YouTube for music, but I still listen to this old playlist occasionally.
I got locked out of my Spotify account. I would share my playlist over there if I was able.
I mostly just listen to my library on shuffle rather than building playlists
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