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I can't believe that this thread wasn't made. How do you guys who've watched it like it?
Note: I am still watching it, so don't go too far ahead

I'm also wondering how long until a queer person posts.
I've only watched the first season and the two first episodes from the second season, but it's good.

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
and yes I am queer
It's on my list. I'm currently watching Better Call Saul
I do like how Alex Hirsch is doing a variant of Bill Cipher's voice for King.
It truly is a different form a different time
I have been meaning to watch this! I have heard many good things. Right now I'm finishing Steven Universe, though, and next up is watching The Good Place with my partner cos he hasn't seen it. Then maybe we'll finally get to it? We shall see.
Visuals are solid. The style and design fit in well with its contemporaries. Animation and movement look good, and there are times where the budget increases and things look really good, but it's hard for me to pick out anything I remember as great.

Writing is okay. Individual characters are well realized and chemistry across the cast works. Most of the episodes are good in a vacuum, but for the overarching story, I feel like this show doesn't do as good a job mixing fun magic and darker themes as some other shows with similar goals. The show scratched the itch of watching dumb magic school bullshit and was consistently engaging, but every time I tried thinking harder about what was actually going on I was confused or annoyed.

I gave the show a 5/10 on my board, which is slightly above the current average of 4.86/10.
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