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Primus is not just a great band.

It's something you can relate to, something you can love. You could even call it an emotion. A feeling, an amazing feeling that could be compared to pure ecstasy. It is something I personally love, as well. It is the thing that gets me out of the bed in the morning. It is the thing that drives me to achieve rather than to slink back to darkness. It is one of my truest, purest loves. It is my closest friend. It it what makes me happy when I feel as if no one else is there for me. It is Primus.

Primus is love, Primus is life. Long live the Holy Mackerel. Here's a Primus thread.

I feel like the Shake Hands with Beef music video is my 2nd favorite music video of all time. It's excellent, listening to it and watching it makes me happy, and I love how goofy it is. And the nostalgia element is cranked to 11, no, 12. It's a family having a cookout from an RV or something like that and the members of Primus are all a bunch of tiny flies flying around on a trash can. I love it. I love it so much. It's amazing. My 3rd favorite is Mr, Krinkle. Very Pork Soda-y. It's a shame that MTV didn't air it enough.

Also, I know no one is responding to this thread or ever will, likely, so I will just do this daily to let out "repressed" good feelings about Primus.

When my mom went to California a long while back, she got to see THE costumes used in the music video for Wynona's Big Brown Beaver. Can you believe it? Man. Lucky. That must've been so cool.

I can't wait to continue this kitten-genocide of a thread.
i do not know anything of primus
I encourage you to listen to at least a little. You'll fall in love.
everytime i see the word primus i think of transformers
And that's ok.

Bug, I urge you, listen to any song Primus has ever made, because you'll feel like you've entered a better world, free of conformity nipping at your ears. It is wonderful.
i have no words to describe the experience i just had
I didn't think you'd actually do it! Woohoo! What song did you listen to?
tommy the cat because i saw it before
Every song from Sailing The Seas of Cheese is absolutely excellent, in my opinion, but I'd like to know, did you feel the same?
i thought it was good
:DDD ebin

I'm beginning to fall in love with Jilly's on Smack. It's from Green Naugahyde, Les is singing absolutely beautifully, and the electric upright bass is used. It looks kinda like this. They performed the song at Bonnoroo 2011 and it rocked so fucking much. I love it, I really do. That whole album fuckin' rocks, but people only remember Last Salmon Man. I'm a huge fan of all Primus songs with the upright bass. I think I'm gonna grab a bite of inspiration from that and put it into Glorscher.

So did'ja hear that Claypool's birthday is tomorrow? That rocks. I'm gonna do something cool to celebrate because Les Claypool is the coolest. Rockin'. I think I might just learn another Primus song on bass for his glory.

Man. I love talking about Les Claypool, but Ler and Herb need some more love too, huh? Greatest guitarist, greatest drummer, you know the shit. Nobody reads this anyway. I love Ler's solos. Lots of technique. Y'all ever heard Jellikit? It's a shame that it's the one Suck on This song that never got a redo on another album. Great drummin' from Herb. Herb the ginseng drummer. It is awesome. Glory to Primus.

I can remember the first time I heard that Conspiranoid was out. I was on the way home from school, just a young and shiny boy, and my dad starts telling me about the newest Primus album, their first in 5 years. I was elated. Likely the happiest I'll ever be for a very, very long time. We listened to Conspiranoia for the first time together, and it was as if I was transported to a higher plane of existence for 11 minutes and 40 seconds. It was amazing. I'm still trying to recreate that feeling today though the chase of things like relatively unhealthy amounts of caffeine, and listening to new music by other bands that I don't even like. Discovering the two other tracks on the album, Follow the Fool and Erin on the Side of Caution, was nearly as amazing. I'd say it's a shame that the album was so short, but I feel like it was a good decision creatively, like Primus's hiatus from 2000-2003. Sometimes the short albums are the greatest. An example of this would be Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People, with just 5 tracks. I adore Primus's willingness to hold creativity above all else. I feel like it is part of what makes them so amazing.
acky have you ever seen primus live
Oh, you know, YOU KNOW that I was so feckin' sad when I realized I couldn't go and see them at KC for A Tribute to Kings. Ugh. Still salty 'bout it. Next time they have a concert here, I'm gonna go and lose my mind over how awesome it's gonna be.
so you haven't?

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Unfortunately, not yet. And I'm not takin' any of that "ohh,, that doesm;t make you a true fan!!!11111" bullSHEIT. 'Course, you're a mexican salamander, you wouldn't say that.

Y'all wanna know somethin'? I wasn't feeling great at all tonight. Not at all. Not anymore, though. But it's not thanks to my mom, or consolation from somebody I know, no folks, it was mainly Primus that I must thank. Listened to, like, 2 Tales from the Punchbowl songs and I'm back up again and feelin' great. Primus has always been there, man. I feel like I'd be miserable n' such without it. Only problem it can't fix is the searing stomach ache I get after cryin'. But, you know what? It makes the damn thing feel a whole lot better than before. I love Primus.

Shorter post today, as I'm tired as hell. I get that I named this the Primus thread and all, but Les Claypool's side projects aside from Primus are awesome. Oysterhead rocks. The only bad thing about em' is that there's only one album for each side band, usually. That ain't even a bad thing, though, because that means a variety of styles can be created.

This will be the last post here for a while. I know most of you don't really care too much about this. I don't have much time today. Listen to Jellikit.