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idk if there is a thread for NGE, but here ye go
Perfect. I'm going to insert myself into this thread as a few weeks ago I finished the anime, the film, and the four Rebuilds. I need someone to talk to about this.
Haiiii, someone summoned me for nge. Havent seen the rebuilds yet b ive seen the main canon + eoe. Whatddya think?
The Rebuilds are really good, and the finale is incredibly cathartic. It kind of dips during the third one but the last one is absolutely perfect.
a i see i see. i do have a trad of watching one nge related thing at the end of each sem (i skipped last sem since one of my firends promised to group watch 1.0 with me & cuz we were too busy we ended up not doing it)
fun fact, my computer wallpaper & icons are nge themed
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